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Bib's Uli

Bib's Uli

Hey Bib I just wanted to clarify some things about doing uli’s and hanging also.

1st thing is do you recommend this hanger.…epagephoto.html

Secondly the uli is almost like jelqing but instead of letting you hands glide down your shaft it stays locked in one spot as you force the blood towards the head by pulling forward?

I currently haven’t received any gains from pe and i wanted to know what you recommend.

Here was my past routine. I’m in the process of modifying it.

250 jelqs
hang with a shoe string wrapped around the midshaft of my penis 10lbs. ( i also have a tshirt wrapped around my penis for protection)
15 minute hang
then i’d warm down of course i’d warm up 10 minutes prior and warm down 10 minutes prior.

after reading the discussion between phat and dance i believe i’ll be hanging for 4 sets 3 nights out of the week and then doing uli’s 2 nights out of the week and then resting for 2 days. what do you think?

if you have some suggestions or adjustments i’d greatly appreciate them.


The one on the bottom almost looks like the original Bib. I recommend the modified as in the Per Rou section of PEforums.

Do not attempt to hang with the foam pipe insulation. It allows for too much slippage. Hard to get the hanger tight enough.

The Uli is different in that you squeeze much harder than when jelqing, cutting off all blood flow. Then you pull or push forward creating tremendous pressure. With jelqing, you simply create moderate pressure just ahead of the grip as you move forward.

If you are going to jelq vigorously, always do your hanging for the day before jelqing. Same with Ulis. The shaft should become too sore from the girth work to allow for comfortable hanging.

I do not recommend tieing anything around your penis to hang with. This is a recipe for disaster.

You should decide what your priority is, either length or girth, and concentrate on that. You can do some work on the other, but work to fatigue either the lateral or longtitudenal bonds.


thanks bib i appreciate it.

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