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bibhanger or bibstarter?? which is best for me?

bibhanger or bibstarter?? which is best for me?

Hey I am going to order one of these this week and was wondering which one do i need for my size. I am roughly 5.25-5.5 erect and 5” round erect. flaccid status is about 3-3.5” how great does hanging affect flaccid looks?

*** I’m ready for size —— scotty beam me up a new dick.. a new me :)

Many Thanks

So where do I sign to change my name to Dirk Diggler??


Flaccid Change

Great to see you full of enthusiasm!

Don’t expect immediate results and you won’t be disappointed.

As far as the flaccid change goes, with a combo of jelqing and hanging (lately just the latter) I’ve gone from a “good flaccid” (ie. when it wasn’t like a shunken acorn) of 2-3” to 4-5”. I actually get guys looking at my dick in the shower room now (maybe they looked before but I preferred not to notice), and it does wonders for self esteem. I no longer dry myself in the corner with my back to all….I’m sure a few guys here understand what I’m getting at.

In fact, I’m beginning to flaunt it a little ;) a quick kegal and squeeze or two in the shower to get the blood going, and wrap the towel around my shoulders when returning to the dressing area.

Just a pity my erect gains aren’t to match the flaccid gains!


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