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Bibhanger limericks

Bibhanger limericks

I have a LONG drive to work people.

This guy thought his dick was a discrace,
so he went over to Thunder’s Place.
He found Bib on the forum,
now the girls all adore him,
cause upside-down his shit hangs in his face.

Anyone else?

If not feel free to blow up this thread.

There once was a good married guy,
who just could not understand why,
After becoming a hanger,
And growing a great wanger,
Wife prohibits it’s use as a tie.

Mrs. Bib (She’s a teacher and cannot resist.)

LOL.. she loves that thing.

I am going to start thinking of some Bibhanger/PE haiku…

A fellow once had a short dick
The looks of it made him half sick
So he screwed on a hanger
And stretched out his wanger
To look like a pink walking stick

Sorry Bigger, I had to steal a couple o’ your words.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

There young fella browsed thunders,

and couldn’t believe quite the wonders.

Being new he contrived

to hang to one side.

Now he protrudes port, what a blunder.

There was a mild man name of mick

Whose dick was quite stubby but thick

He hung for a while

And now with a smile

He penetrates beyond the lips.

There was a young maiden who’d crow

‘Your johnsons so easy to blow,

I could fit ten of yours in

and still drink a gin’

he hung and then choked her! oh no.

Memento on fire

We’re all on a righteous endeavor,

of making our dicks better than ever.

No fucking baloney,

see Lil12big1’s testimony,

that gains are forever and ever!

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