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Bib vs Golf Weights

Bib vs Golf Weights

I am wondering if there is an advantage to a Bbib over Golf Weights from Wall Mart. Obviously golf weights are easier to come by.

Are they basically the same? or is a bib better?

Thanks for any help :)

If you can make the golf weights work, that’s the important thing.

What kind of weight are you at?

I have not started hanging yet so I am going to go very light at first. Basically I was just wondering if the golf weights can be used in a similar way as a Bib or if the Bib really has superior gripping power or something?

Thanks for the reply by the way!! :D

The Bib hanger is a great device, full of features. Too complex for the likes of me I fear.

If you can safely attach the golf weights, in the way thats detailed on Tom Hubbard’s site then it should do you for lower weights.

It’s once you stray into higher weights and complex angles (i.e. other than straight down) that the Bib hanger appears to come into its own.

That said, the Bib hanger is no longer an option, so its probably worth looking at the most important hanging threads and locating the homemade hanger thread.

golf weights

The golf weights are just that: weights. They are not used to grip, unlike the Bib, which is a gripping mechanism. You can’t compare the two.

Oh. I did not realize that bigflip, I thought Golf Weights actually had a part of them that can attach such as the Bib. Thanks for the info, guess it is home-made time. Heh.

Thanks again

Check out golf weights attachment here.

I use both the golf weights and the Bib hanger, but they do have different applications. I use the Bib for heavy hanging and then I use the golf weights as an all day hanging apparatus for sustaining the full stretch and gains from the Bib. The Bib can be used for five pounds plus and the light weight of the golf weights will keep the stretch going. You can only get a maximum of about 2 to 2.5 pounds with golf weights. You usually don’t need a great deal of weight hanging all day. A couple of rings will usually suffice, but understand with the golf weights you will probably plateau and gains will stop once your penis adapts to the weight hence the need for occasional extra stretching by the Bib or other heavy weight hanger to keep the ligs fatigued.

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