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Bib Tightness/Numbess?

Bib Tightness/Numbess?


I’m not sure how tight I should tighten my Bib Starter. If I tighten beyond a certain degree, it starts putting quite a bit of pressure on the nerves on either side of my septum. The septum then ends up twisting, so at the base below the hanger, it’s almost vertical. But at the penis-head side of the hanger, there’s maybe a 10-20 degree twist, which I can generally ignore or just hold straight.

Reason I’m concerned about this is, I think I’m getting a kind of numbness. The head is fine, stays pink throughout the set, hanging SO 12lbs for 4x15 at the moment. But inside the shaft, there’s a kind of numb-like feeling, only noticable when I jelq. Everything feels fine otherwise, it’s just when I jelq it feels different than it used to.

During a set I sometimes also get a little soreness base-side below the hanger from what may be those nerves on the sides of the septum.. but it’s hard to tell where the pain is coming from, so that might just be (good) shaft soreness.

Thanks for the help!


Do a search on “twisting and Bib” and I’m sure you will find many threads/posts that deal with this issue. Twisting within the device seems to be a very common problem with the Bib hanger and much discussion has been given to it.


Have done so, multiple times. This was directed more to, as in the title, tightness/numbness.

Sometimes I find I start to get numbness in the head near the end of a set, usually in the last 5 min of a 20 min set. When this happends I cut my hang session short.

Does anyone else get/had this, and would you recommend changing anything?(Using a bib starter, I wrap with sock material and then theraband)

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