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Bib starter or regular?

Bib starter or regular?

I’m sorry, I know this has been asked a few times. And I HAVE done a search and looked at the other posts but I’m still not too sure on which I should get. I am 6” elnbp and 5.25eg. Skin is not very tight with full erection, has about 1.5 inches of play.

My goal is to get to the old 8 by 6. Which starter would be the better of the two to get?

I would get the starter


I agree with SS4jelq here, in case you wait for more than one opinion, get the starter.

I am 8.25x6 bpel. I probably use the starter more than the regular (I have both). I would definitely recommend the Starter.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Starter it is, the regular seemed a bit big. And if I get big enough to need the regular then…..awesome :) How much weight have you guys been able to use with the starter, because of the smaller dimensions I doubt it can support as much as the regular?

Heh, I think you should worry about how much weight your dick can take first, there are long time hangers here who still use the starter so that doesn´t seem to be an issue at all.

I hang up to 27.5 lbs. using the Starter with no problems.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Is there certain weights that you guys use? I have free weights but they seem a bit bulky, is there certain weights that you have to buy?


If you can afford both then get both so when you are big enough
you can use the regular, but I would start with the starter.



You don`t even have to buy weights if you saved your penny`s
then you can use it as your weight.

Good luck

Went ahead and got a starter, glad I did, the regular would have been too large. I would also have ordered a regular but I think ill be fine for awhile, there are plenty of members here who use the starter to hang significant amounts of weight. Also, I dont want to gain a huge amount, less than two inches and I think I can get it done with a starter.

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