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Bib starter- Head problem

Bib starter- Head problem

OK guys I know there’s a million threads about trying to get the wrapping right but I can’t find what I’m looking for so sorry about making another one.

Anyway I think my wrappings OK, it’s more the head of my penis is to small. I always need to pump a bit of blood into my head then wrap and attach the bib starter so it doesn’t slide down over my head to much but this is causing problems, my head is going to end up discolored.

I’m uncut by the way, I suppose I’m just looking for tips really from you uncut small headed guys.


I have a couple of suggestions.

1-Make the Bib tighter, bring in the two lower nuts, it may be slightly painful at first, so reduce hanging time if required, and then increase as your tissues get used to it.
2-Toe in the bottom nut nearest the glans slightly more than the back one
3-Make your wrap slightly thicker near the glans
4-Attach the hanger further back from the glans

Try these, maybe 1 at a time and in combinations and see what works. But I do think you need to wear it tighter, and maybe further back. Have fun.

Hi thanks for replying.

1- It’s already as tight as it go, any more would be dangerous.
2-I will try this
3-I have been doing this and it does help but not enough.
4-I don’t know if it’s because I’m uncut but it still slides down, I already attach it half way up my shaft.

If my head was the same as my shaft girth or bigger and I was uncut I don’t think there would be a problem, I don’t want much :)

I hope #2 helps then, sorry I can’t add anything else. Have you tried asking Bib on his forum? Also Blink2000 has been around recently, you could see if he answers a pm.

You’ve probably read the recent uncut hanging thread, but if you havent … Experienced uncut hangers

It’s sliding with the hanger.

Originally Posted by kimc
It’s sliding with the hanger.

It could be that your wrap is the problem. It forms a buffer between you and the hanger, but if it isnt gripping you, then nothing is going to stop the lot from slidding off.

What sort of wrap are you using? What weight and what angle?

This is what I’m using at the moment…andage-wrap.jpg

It’s once I get to about 7kg the problem starts.

I was using 7kg with my vac hanger but that was the limit, but I haven’t really gained anything and I thought I would give the bib a go again in the hope of using heaver weight.

Oh yeah BTC

Hmm, This was one of my various problems too kimc. Well I suppose it still is. I have a small dick head, relied on blood being in it to hang and am uncut. Do you also have the problem of your penis head turning to the side? I think it’s related.

Anyway, Bib suggested I needed more wrapped flaccid girth. I also made the theraband not as wide so I could stretch it more then moved the bottom hex nuts out. I felt my internals being gripped a lot more when I tried this.

I haven’t really tested it out enough yet and have had to take the past week plus, maybe a few more days off. Since we’re in similar situations I’ll try and keep you updated here or the ‘uncut hangers thread’ I made, when I do make progress or gain insight for solutions.

Hi Audacia, I’ve been reading you thread so I will add to it now and forget this thread, if I noticed it before I wouldn’t have made this one.

Yeah If we both experiment a bit and keep each other updated that will be cool.

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