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bib rotation

bib rotation

I notice that I get a 45 degree turn when I’m hanging with the bib.

I noticed one direction of wrap produces one direction, but if I change the direction my assembly rotates the other way. I’m using 1” theraband and wrap Overlapping as I go up the shaft.

Its not a problem, but feels wierd when it turns.

I’m hanging 10 lbs on a bib starter by the way.

Hey bib - did you ever work in a dental lab? the detail of the bib reminds me of dental work - very detailed with the grip ridges.

Thanks all


Twisting in the Bib hanger is a very serious situation. Several of us on the forum have had nerve damage/numbness as a result of this. I have a regular Bib hanger and am fighting this twisting problem as we speak. Bib told me that he had to experiment for a couple of weeks to find an adjustment setting that stops the twisting. I have yet to find one that works for me. I bought a Bib starter for a friend of mine and haven’t given it to him yet. I have been hanging with the starter and have been able to avoid the twisting because I place the hanger fairly close to the base. I am 7” EL, so quite a bit of my shaft extends beyond the end of the starter. This seems to prevent the twisting. However, since I want to use the regular Bib in order to work on the internal structures, I will keep experimenting. For your problem, try putting the hanger a little farther back on the shaft towards the base. Make sure that the bottom gap is equal from front to back. Also, make sure that your wrap does not ride over the head (glans). This should help you.

Good luck


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