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Bib Results


Bib Results

I want to buy a bib hanger I came into a few bucks last week so can. Here;s the thing though. I havent seen ONE person gian as much or ever close to Bib. Could a few hangers just at least post some results to make me feel just a little bit better. I am kinds starting to doubt pe altogeher. I started whenI was on a very light cycle of steroids and possibly this may have given me a false sense of hope. thanks


The reason Bib has ungodly numbers is his time spent hanging. Literally hours upon hours! I doubt any hanger has put that much time into his schedule that Bib did.

If you go to the PE Archive at the bottom of the page here, look up BIb’s beginning posts back like a few years ago. It will give you insight. From what i gather, he has a home based business and could sit in some rolling comffy ass office chair and hang while getting other tasks done. I believe he may have hung for up to like a THIRD OF THE DAY (8 hours). But I could be wrong.

I saw where it is recommended to hang for like 3-20 minute sets. Counting 10 minute breaks in between that gives you an hour and a half a day for x number of days(most likely the 5-2 deal).

His schedule was many times greter than this. that is why every hanger runs for the Bib’s advice. No one has as many hanging hours litterally under his belt as he does. :)

From what I read across both forums is only like 2% didn’t gain anything or it could have been a toatl of 2 out of all the hangers ever sold. Pretty Good odds I would say.

I got my hanger and will start hanging regularly soon, once I move out in less than a month. I would be glad to inform you of all progress and hardships involved.

Adios! TT

thanks tt

I want definitive inches. thanks NOT just from bib but directly attributed to hanging from someone other than tom hubbard and bib. No disrespect intended I still plan to buy a bib I just want to feel 100% about spending 125 bucks.


OK no problemo.

If I remember correctly I think Modemmer had a Bib Hanger and cranked something under an inch out. If I am right, he sold it cause he met some goal of his. Whatever # it was for the goal I do not remember.

Phat 9 just made a goal from use of Bib Hanging to, he got to 9 nbp with it, he has a thread about it just the other day.

Also check out Busterhymes, Kamel407, and a few others. Search around these names and you can see it in their posts. Somewhere.

Someone is bound to reply to you with their true life gains sooner or later.

No offense taken, so don’t worry about it at all.

Good Luck Hanging!



First, I have to tell you, the production Bibs have only been out a little over a year. So, if you mean gains from a production Bib, I doubt you would see anyone gain as much as I did, so far. However, there are a few guys who have gained at a faster rate than I did. lil, boxcar, Soma, and Merlin come to mind. Of course, most guys stop well before they attain the length that I did. If you go to PEforums, you can probably find a lot more reports of gains than here. Although there are quite a few here.

If you mean hanging in general, I probably am close to the top in gainers, if not the top. However, I have seen reports of many 3+ inch gains over the years, and quite a few 2+inch gains. The odds of the average guy gaining as much as I did are very small. Not only did I have the opportunity to work for many hours per day, I believe I was genetically and physiologically predisposed to be able to gain easily. You should discount my results completely.

On the negative side, I have had five reports of guys who either have not gained, or had extremely small gains. While that is less than one percent, I am sure there are more who have not gained and simply not reported anything. Probably at least 3-4 percent do not gain, even with a consistant effort. I have had four hangers returned, one unopened that a lady ordered. (?).

Before you spend the money on a Bib, it would probably be wise to try a homemade hanger first. See if you like hanging, and if it fits your lifestyle. Also, over a month or two, you can get an idea if it will produce gains for you.

Good luck,


thanks bib

I just dont want to find out I do like them and have to either pay more or wait. I built two hangers similar to tryin fr mores I just need some thera band to test em. I hung with my ads and loved it.


Rich Cashdollar,

Try out those homebrews and do it soon. If you don’t like them you can get a Bib still. But they are limited in production, as you know. The cock clock is ticking.

My gains in my first and only month were 3/8” but I sustained an injury also because of that intensity. Might be closer to 5/16”, but that is still huge for a month gain. Basically the weight was pulling the root out of me, because my nbpel did not change one bit (difference is now up to .75”). And it really couldn’t because you can’t grow that much skin in one freakin’ month. Now with my Bib (hopefully it hits the front door in a week or so) I hope to really get shaft growth, but I won’t be surprised if it’s more root growth. I just want a 7.5” nbpel measurement. I want slow, sustained growth.

So that’s just to tell you that hanging really does work for most people that give it an honest chance. But you have to be gung-ho (but not stupid like I was).

Btw, this was with an AFB3 hanger. I only expect the Bib to be that much better.

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Here ya go:

3/4 inch in 3 months. All with the bibstarter. Worth every penny.

have plateaued now - having a little difficulty getting over 12 pounds without too much head pressure.




Bib gains


I started PE in May 2001 and started hanging in october 2001. I have gained close to 1/3 inch so far although I stopped PEing in May last due to my job requirements. Inafct I used a starter model which I am going to replace with the regular model as I have gained sufficeint to use a regular one. If you want to hang and wanna go for the best, go for Bib. BTW I will be putting my Bib starter for sale if any one is intererested to buy one at a cheap price.


I have gained a full 1/4 inch in almost two months of hanging with the Bib hanger. I did, however, put in a lot of hours - about 3+ per day on average. I too have a business, and although I have an office, I just close my door and hang away. My employees have no idea what is going on. They buzz me on the intercom if they need me. Although I am on the sidelines with an injury right now, I plan to start back again with the Bib in a couple of days. By the end of the year, I hope to be hanging about as much as Bigger did. I am taking this approach to see if his results can be replicated because I consider myself to be a fast gainer. I will, however, stop when and if I get to 9”nbp because my wife told me that she doesn’t want to have to fend off an impaling rod every time we have sex. I may never get there, but I have great confidence in the Bib hanger and I’m convinced that it is a combination of the hanger and the time spent hanging that will get the results. Sorry for the diatribe.

Take care


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


you wrote: ” believe I was genetically and physiologically predisposed to be able to gain easily. You should discount my results completely.”

How did you know you where genetically predisposed? how did you know you had a lot of length inside? i am very curious maybe i have some too. thanks


There are a couple of things that relate to this.

One, I believe my connective tissue was relatively easy to stretch, but also, I feel as if I was smaller than most in my family. No measurements or anything, just a general perception.

This is a story I have never posted before but is also a good indication of what I had. I did not think about this until I had already made significant gains.

About twenty years ago, I hurt my back. Slipped disk in my lower back. I had to have an X-ray of the area including my pelvis.

Well, after the X-ray, the Dr called me in to look at it. One of the first things I noticed was the faint outline of my penis on the plate. Now, at that time, my flaccid was an inch or so normally. Well, this outline was obviously much larger than a one inch flaccid and I almost told the Dr he had the wrong Xray. If I had of said that, I don’t know what I would have replied if he asked why I thought so.

I remember at the time thinking about that a little. Just blew it off. I do remember I was glad it did not show up tiny.


Very interesting Bib. by the way, i just a bib hanger last night! i think that we all are born with pretty much the same length be it inside or outside, which is why i think most guys who start pretty small can gain so much and guys that start big don’t gain much(in the beginning). take me for instance. i thought all my life i would be cursed with this 5x5 so i spent 400 dollars on a kaplan pump in 95. at this time i had no idea what was bp i only knew nbp i also didn’t care about tracking girth i thought it was all about length. i used the pump of and on for about a year frustrated becuause i saw no growth. then in november 2000 i ran across Reece’s site and decided to give pe one more shot. if i had had a better visualization of the exercises (the site had no pics or vids) i would have gained more than the .5 in length that i gained. i jelqed off and on until i found there i learned about bp length and why measure it. now i am 6.5 bp and 6-6.5 girth. i am hoping (and knowing) that with the bib, i can pull out all the length inside of me, something i know i haven’t done yet because of the minimal stretching i have done. one question for you Bib, how high is your lig placement on your pubic bone? mines is very high.


>one question for you Bib, how high is your lig placement on your pubic bone? mines is very high <

I do not know exactly what you mean by ‘lig placement’ on the pubic bone. When I started, my penis exited very high from my body. Well above the pubic bone. Now, it exits much lower, below the pubic bone.

When erect, it seems to come directly out of my prostate, rather than up and then out.


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