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Bib position

Bib position

I was reading over at Bib’s forum and had a question about placement. The hanger should be attached about an 1” and a quarter from the ridge of the head? I have been hanging with it only about a half inch back from the head lately. It gets uncomfortable after some time.

Yes on bib’s site it says to do the wrap 1 inch behind your glans then to attach the hanger another quarter inch past the wrap so you are correct. You answered your own question haha.

Half inch back from the head could be dangerous for nerve bundles which are located right behind the head so don’t play with the fire.

goin4length, there are nervebundles all over the top of your shaft but because the BIB doesn’t put pressure ontop of your shaft it’s not an issue here.

Attaching the hanger 1+” behind your glans will make it easier to form a good stopper from the end of the CC’s (which I think BIB refers to as shoulders). Once you’ve got a good stopper you can pull the hanger closer to your glans or even have them touch solong the tension is on the stopper and not on your glans.

If you attach the hanger close to your glans the stopper won’t be as big and there may be tension on your glans during hanging as well as a bigger chance of the hanger slipping off.

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