>1.) Right…so when my penis is in the flaccid state and I feel a tight cord like mass running through my shaft this is the tunica correct?? To describe better,from the inside out, it feels like an extension cord or latex band which is somewhat ridged and stiff ( I assume this is the tunica, it is pretty tough) surrounded by a gelatinous material similar to the padding in the BIB hanger, then there is my shaft skin.<

Well, the tunica still surrounds the internal ‘meat’ of each of the chambers. So the meat gives the tunica some body. But you are essentially correct. The tunica is the tough part that seems unyielding.

>2.)How can I feel my ligs?? I want to “see” and make sure I’m feeling the right things…without of course cutting my dick open. hehe<

Did you try the stuff I recommended? Grasp with your hand, pull straight out. See if you have the ‘fan’ at the base. Then, you can kind of feel from the side at the base, through the skin, and actually ‘pluck’ the strands like a guitar string. Or, totally flaccid, don’t stretch, grasp with thumb and forefinger about two inches apart right above the base where your penis exits the body. Grab down putting thumb and forefinger together, then pull up slightly. You should come up with a lot of stuff besides the skin. Almost all of that is ligs.

>3.) One more thing, kind of off topic here, I noticed I have vertical stretch marks at the base off my shaft running from the base down a few inches, then lower I have horizontal stretch marks ( I thought they were wrinkles but on closer inspection I see they ARE stretch marks) did you or anyone else get both??<

I just had the horizontal ones on top. Some of the hair follicles on bottom elongated to look like vertical stretch marks. I can’t find any of them anymore.

RB Jelktoid,

I think you were both asking the same question. My predominant positions were BTC and SO. Now remember, I was hanging for hours per day, so this may be hard to equate for most guys.

I hung in one position until totally fatigued. Until I did not want to do that anymore, perild. Then, I would switch to another angle. Say I started in BTC, and hung for five sets. Then, I just could not do it anymore, even at reduce weight. Then, I would try SO. Usually I could finish the day, or at least do several sets SO, usually at reduced weight until totally fatigued. Then, I might try to go back to BTC. This usually did not work. So I would finish the day OTL or OTS.

Most of the time, I was fine the next day for BTC and SO, possibly at reduced weight. Usually, I could hang SO with few problems that night. Many weeks, I could do five days straight of BTC and SO mainly. At times, two or three days of this would be all I could handle. Then, I might have one day of only OTS or OTL.

The main point is, I always rode a fatigued area till I could not anymore. I tried not to let it totally heal while I was working on it. Then, when I just could not continue, even at reduced weight, I moved on to another area.

Now, for guys just starting, DON’T PUSH IT! When I say I had reached total fatigue and could not continue at one angle, what I mean is; I COULD have continued, but with discomfort or pain. NO PAIN, ever. If your penis says it has had enough, then move on to another angle or stop for the day. Pain is an indicator of injury or approaching injury. If you reach the threshold where you even begin to grit your teeth, you might have gone too far. If you consistantly watch the clock, you are probably pushing it too much. If you cannot concentrate on another task, you are probably pushing it.