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Bib Hanger

Bib Hanger

Is the bib hanger for the cut or uncut?

I’ve search some threads, but no answer.

When you are PEing.... he sees.

You can use it either way, you just have to pull back your foreskin if you have one. I’m thinking of getting a bib soon as well.

It will work either way. Great product.

Originally Posted by phat9

I remember the poor uncut fools who tried to pull their skins back to the uncut position, and literally die

in mortal and unmerciful pain. Man, it’s unbearable and the skin quickly unfolds back over the head for

the most excruciating pain you have ever had.

Okay so maybe uncut guys attach the hanger some other way? Don’t take it from me!

Originally Posted by SS4Jelq
I am uncut, I hang with the skin forward over the head. Its hard to find a balance between:

Pushing foreskin forward too far that the skin takes too much of the tension


Pulling back too far that the hanger slips too easily

I pull out with the foreskin about half covering the head (just roughly, I’m not too anal about it), grabbing with an OK behind the head, put the first layer of normal cloth on loose, using the last two fingers to help hold it on. Bib said I should try wrapping tighter once, and I wrap the theraband really tight. The first wrap is awkward but after that one it is easy to spiral down.

I found wrapping really tight to be effective because:

1. The hanger is easier to put on because as you said in an email bib, if you wrap loose it is easier to get skin pinched in the jaws. Wrapping really tight keeps everything ‘packed’ in.
2. I can massage for a while to get some blood in, which will stop below the wrap, then pull the wrap to the base to push the blood above the wrap. This is great because the area I put the wrap on is still ‘thin’ and un pumped but above there is a little engorement to stop it from slipping to the head, which was my original problem as you recall. This might be a bit more dangerous but I’m not sure. The shaft below the wrap will be completly flaccid. I remember forged crank’s injury happened because he was partially erect, but I am not, just a little pumped in front of the wrap.
3. The hanger would cut off circulation anyway because it is on so tight, so I dont think that would be a problem. In fact there is less temporary discolouration after this.

Maybe that helps.

Originally Posted by RandomGiant
Maybe that helps.

Would it be the same for cut?

I’m cut.

When you are PEing.... he sees.

It’s not a problem, you just have to find a good wrapping technique.

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Yeah bib’s wrapping drawings were designed for cut guys.

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