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Bib Hanger

Bib Hanger

Bigger this thing is great much more comfortable than anything homemade.

Also the shipping is the fastest I’ve ever seen, ordered on Monday got here today.


Hey Bib,
I got my starter bib yesterday Thank-you……………..
But today wanted to wear it to try it out, first off did all prep work.
I cut the strips of thin sweatshirt and theraband and while warming up I made some adjustments to bib so now I’m finally ready to try out.

But with starter all the way open I still have a hard time getting my unit into it, so I take measurement 5-1/2 were wrapping is
since I only used two pieces of thin sweatshirt.

Did I get the wrong one I am only appx 6-1/4 enbp and 5 girth and I have read bigger guys then me bought starter to. I know on
your website it is supposed to go to 6-1/2 girth, What gives.. N2


Hey, N2growing my measurements are 6 3/4 ebpl x 5 1/2 eg and I ordered the Bibstarter,you got the right size, try going over to bib’s site and look under the product guide you should find the answers to all your problems there I did.



Maybe I’m bigger flaccid or ?? but whatever the case I have read and read his site and this one. Do you have a problem getting into it at all…N2

Try using the cutoff baby sock rig. Not as thick as a conventional wrap, and provides adequate protection and gripping area.

"If you build it, they will come".


I’ll add that I tried your tip with the sock and it works SUPER.

I got a pack of them, cut just the tip off and stretch them as hard as i can for a while and they work out great. makes it much easier to add theraband.

I also made an all day device that uses the sock, and 4 golf club weights and some foam gasket material that is amazingly comfortable.


Baby Sock

Aaaaaaaahh! You strech them!

I couldn’t figure out how you could use one without folding it over. I was thinking - these guys must have enourmous flaccids :)

Once you strech em, it looks like they’ll do fine. Thanks Sandman.


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