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Bib hanger wrap . . .

Bib hanger wrap . . .

I began wrapping with a comfortable wrist band with a velcro closure that I shortened the band to fit the needed circumferance. It’s called the Homedics Thera P wrist band. You can get it at Wal-Mart for about 8 bucks. It’s made of a soft material and incidently has magnets in it for increased circulation. I’d use it regardless of the magnets because it’s so comfortable. The Bib hanger holds onto it real well like it was made for it. Just a little tip.

Later . . LS

Seems like the Thera P strap was made for PE’ing. :) Here’s a great thread by peforeal all about it.


Do you find yourself having to open wide the toe-screws on the hanger to get it to fit? The Thera P band adds like an inch of girth in my experience…

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