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Bib hanger & the customs office

Bib hanger & the customs office


I am just interested if you did have to pay taxes(especially european countries) for the bib hanger.
I have to go to the customs office this week and i am not really sure what i am gonna tell them. I read about an other german guy who just said that it was a sex toy. I personally think that its the best solution.
I wouldn`t want to try to explain its function as a training device : D .

I have to bring a detailed description of the hanger and an invoice.
(if someone has an invoice.. i would appreciate it if he would pm it to me)

Bib said, i should declare it as sample for 20$ .. but i think i still would have to explain its function.

Anyways, what did you have to go through ?

(this thread should be in the “Hanger`s Forum” but i can`t post there)

When I got my pump it was signed off as “medical equipment”. I had to pay duty on both my bib and pump unfortunately.

Just say it is an American device to correct Peyroine’s disease.

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Did you see this?

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yes i used the search function before opening this thread.

But thanks for the answers till now.

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