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Bib Hanger testimonials

Bib Hanger testimonials

Does the Bib Hanger work? How well does it work? Is it painful? If so, how painful exactly? Call me a skeptic, but I’d like to hear some real-life testimonials or experiences before I fork over the money to buy one.

Any and all comments, criticisms, welcome.



Hi thread nice to meet you.

This forum is full of threads, thread, covering the experiences of People with the Bib.

Thread, start with the Bib Hanger Feedback thread . If you like that thread, thread, try this thread on Hanging.

The whole hangers forum is worth reading.


If you have privacy, privacy is number one, and an hour and a half a day it’s worth it.


Some guys seem to really like it, and some have problems with it. Usually, if a guy wants to stick with it, he can get the problems worked out and hang comfortably.

But you don’t have to buy a Bib to hang. I put instructions on how to make a simple hanger on the board. They are at the top of this section. Also, Tom Hubbard has instructions on a Bib knockoff on his site. There are instructions for at least a couple other hangers in this section.

If you need any help, myself and/or others will be glad to help you.


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