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Bib hanger Refunds??


Originally posted by Bib

You may be trying to make it too difficult.

First, can you manual stretch without any problems?

If so, can you wrap and manual stretch without any problems?

If so, then simply try to adjust the hanger to meet the same criteria as your hands when you are manually stretching. That should do it.


Do you mean to wrap in the stretched position? If so, how tightly?

Originally posted by bigblackstick
The thing I was thinking about is this…..BIB had no BIB hanger and still gained 4.5 inches in length in about 19 months….he was using shitty hangers and pure desire.

The thing is this: if you had no BIB hanger, would you still be getting a big dick? It is a tool, so use it and make it work for you.

I hypothesize one could gain at even a faster rate then that now. We have it easier….We have a proper, safe hanger from the time you start your PE “career.” You can calculate your LOT. You have blasters, fulcrum rods, etc, etc. Look at all the advancements and new exercises that have been “discovered” in the past years. Everything is pretty much laid out for you. All these things will help you gain at a faster rate.

Its really not that hard. Just takes consistency. Let's all “sack up,” trouble shoot/figure out our problems with the hanger and get the gains going. Thats what we are here for.

that is all

Stick, I believe you’ve summarized the main points of the situation about using the Bib hanger (your entire post is worth re-reading, not just the last few paragraphs I’ve quoted here). There are enough guys on here who have used the Bib successfully and benefited from it, but they might have had to experiment a lot and not given up until they got the wrapping and hanger adjustments optimum. To date, there’s nothing better than the Bib to get what we want from hanging. Peace.



>Do you mean to wrap in the stretched position? If so, how tightly?<

You are always supposed to wrap while stretching your unit grasping the head between your forefinger and thumb. But that is not what I meant.

I mean, can you wrap as you normally do, then grasp the wrapped bundle with your hand and stretch? If so, simply substitute the hanger for your hand, placing it in the same position as your hand when manually stretching.


BTW, a lot of guys have been sending me pics, top and bottom, of their hanger setups for evaluation. Most have had good success. Any guys that are having problems can do this anytime.


Wow. How we learn from the strangest threads. This is exactly why I try to
read each thread started in the Hanger’s Forum. You never know what pearl
maybe lurking out there somewhere.

Having said that, I have been using WAY to much wrap. I had been using
about 20 inches of ACE Bandage!!! Just cut off 4 and I am gonna try that
for a bit.


Keep working, keep learning



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