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Bib Hanger. Preventing cold glans...


I took a few pics of the hanger's settings...

I hope these pics will help…

* c.c. refers to corpus cavernosa

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I realize it may seem like symantics, but you should refer to the top of the hanger, not the “top view”. If I lay the hanger on it’s side, the top view would then be totally different than your top view picture. If I hang over the shoulder, the top view is totally different if I hang straight down. But if you refer to the top of the hanger similar to the top of the penis, the top is always the top.

Your “back view” picture is the bottom of the hanger.
Your “top view” picture is the part of the hanger closest to the body as it’s attached to your penis.
Your “front view” picture is of the top of the hanger.

That thread you linked from SS4 should clarify which is the bottom and top.

Whelp, I just tried hanging with the toe-out position and I couldn’t get past 3 minutes w/out my glans looking like a purple grape ready to burst & slowly getting cold. I swear- I need a 3rd arm :mad:

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003


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