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Bib hanger for sale

Bib hanger for sale

I have a bib hanger for sale. I bought it from the bib Hanger site a while ago and never used it. I think I even have the stretch material that came with it.

Pm me if interested

Why didn’t you give it a try?

Long story short.

I was all about it. Doing light exercises for the most part at first while reading up (PE’ing for 4 years now). Got the Bib and a good pump with future intentions of using them. I was going good for about a year with exercises and my SO was supportive too (that makes PE much easier when your in a relationship). I was putting time in and getting results. I was slowly learning the pump and the relationship I was in went bad after 7 years. That hit hard, tossed my entire world around. I finally had the time and felt I should start to use it once we split but drinking and women consumed my time instead of hanging. I still stretch and pump to maintain but I don’t have what I feel is the required time to use it. I sold my home and moved almost a year ago and just found it last night.

I’m more then happy with what I have put on all around and figured someone would want this.

That’s nice of you. However I think you should keep it; you never know you might decide you want it someday, and it’s (IMO) the best hanger you can buy, which might not be in production forever.

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