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Bib hanger for sale


Bib hanger for sale

I have a like new bib hanger I would like to sell. I bought it this past christmas (2003). Looking at my work out chart, it shows I have only used it 11 times. I always used a wrap so it never even touched my cock.

I am coming off my second thrombosed vein. I think both were from stretching/hanging. This second one came right after I moved up to 13lbs. from 11lbs. I have been out of commission for the past 5 weeks and am just now starting back. I would rather have girth anyway so I am going to focus on that. I may pick back up on the length routine at a later date, but for now it is girth only (or primarily 95%).

So for now I think I will try to sell the bib. If anyone is interested just pm me and I will get back to you.

Put it on ebay! lol

Thanks for all of the pm’s guys. I told the first guy that emailed me that I would hold it for him until he got paid today. He sent me a paypal payment today so I guess it is sold. thanks

How much did you sell it for?

I also have a bib for sale

I also have a bib hanger for sale used 9 times. I’m asking 100 dollars even free shipping paid through paypal. I’ll even cut off a brand new strip of theraband for you for wrapping. PM me if interested.


So it begins.

a guy with the name bib4sale… hmmm sounds fishy to me. What do you think Thunder ?

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Sounds like an existing member who doesn’t want to reveal himself and has registered a new ID in order to sell. Hey….wait a minute….what if it’s BIB!?

These hangers are still lucrative.

it is kind of strange….why not just use your original handle/name? It’s clearly not like you’ve never been here before to the hanger’s section.

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I think anyone who is about to buy a BIB should request a recent screenshot of the actual BIB in question before payment.

BBS - right on. How many newbies do you know who are up for hanging from the word go, and know enough about the paraphernalia?

$ 100.00??? That sounds a bit high. How much was BiB selling them for originally??

I was just looking on ebay for a hanging device..LOL

Nothing there just strechers, pumps and pills.

I sold mine for $85 shipping included. It was in great shape. I think I paid $120 plus shipping for it new. Here is the last email from the guy who bought it.

“Bluto,Got it today,looks great.Thanks again for holding it for me.”

…but yes, a photo would be a good idea. I am always worried about getting ripped off over the internet.

Sorry I didn’t reply until now liberty. I meant to a while back and forgot. I haven’t been here much lately.

Sorry for any confusion

I normally log under the name pyke but I changed my email address and my mail forwarder never got the email so now the account is unusable. The strip of theraband will be new, cutoff from a bigger piece, it’s gray i think it’s one of the thicker kinds it comes in. Since the other one was sold for 85 I’ll lower my price to 85. I paid 129 plus shipping i believe when I bought it. I uploaded some photos and as you can see everything is intact.

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