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Bib hanger for sale


Originally Posted by Otis
$ 100.00??? That sounds a bit high. How much was BiB selling them for originally??

The price is definitely not high, or at least I don’t think so. These Bib hangers are awsome, nothing else comes close… well at least from what I’ve tried. I’ve used tom hubbards swim cap hanger, the afb hanger, maXtender, bikers hang, circle device, and the bib. the bib is definitely a favorite. I’m building a home recording studio now and it’s become a bigger priority than my penis. I was going to sell it on ebay but I figured that nobody one there would know how to use it.

Bib hanger has been sold, thanks everybody for your interest.

Originally Posted by Dr Schwanz
BBS - right on. How many newbies do you know who are up for hanging from the word go, and know enough about the paraphernalia?

I don’t understand….are you agreeing or disagreeing with what I said?

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I have a bib-hanger that I used about 6 times before I realized I’d be more comfortable with a bib-starter. Always used it with a theraband and cloth wrapping. I’d like to sell it, it’s fully functioning and is in very good condition. I’ll throw in a theraband.

Here are some pics. It’s just as Bib made it!

PM me if interested. (If I can’t figure out how to attach the pics, I’ll email them to you.)

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