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Bib Hanger Feedback

How old was your Starter that just broke? Maybe you’ve found the weakest point in the newer design.

OK, yes the bolt harness. I do pay attention to that spot; I think it would be particularly easy to break if the bolt isn’t inserted correctly upon tightening. I’ve also read about at least one incident of this occuring; that was a couple of years ago.
My Standard is two years old - assuming it wasn’t an old shelfed one I was sent - but I don’t think Bib’s got them laying around for long. Maybe the Starter I’m receiving is improved in that weak spot.

But for your Standard to snap above the hinge, I wouldn’t have seen that coming. Do you see air bubbles where it cracked? Was Bigger surprised to hear about the incident?

Thanks for the bust pics, Ulcaster. At least your camera is holding up :)

How old?
A little over a year.


But for your Standard to snap above the hinge, I wouldn’t have seen that coming. Do you see air bubbles where it cracked? Was Bigger surprised to hear about the incident?

Thanks for the bust pics, Ulcaster. At least your camera is holding up

Crazy, I know. I had almost no pressure on it when it snapped, either.
I’m baffeled. I was just putting it on with no weights.

I didn’t see any bubbles.

He hasn’t seen the pics yet, but knows what happened. He’s replacing it when he gets it.

Did he say if this was a freak occurance (no kidding) or had it happened before?

Por favor alguien podría ayudarme a conseguir un bib hanger original?
muchas gracias , no entiendo bién el ingles.

Soi del foro hispano y aquí estamos un poco atrasados con respecto a colgar pesos.


Originally Posted by Ideal

Did he say if this was a freak occurance (no kidding) or had it happened before?

He didn’t say much of anything.

Hi Bib. Thanks for a great product in the Bib Hanger (starter)! I went from 6.00”BEL to 7.00BEL in 2006 using your device along with some jelqing. Girth remained at 5.5”EG. Toward the end of the year I started to get real sore on the skin just behind the head. I noticed a definite increase in the amount of loose skin in that area as well as on the rest of the shaft. I tried adjusting the Bib Starter as per your directions but to no avail. I should say that I had removed the soft, silicon-like material from the Starter, but this was done a few months prior to the above mentioned discomfort. It also seemed to give me a better grip at the time. Also, throughout the year, while I hung ,the head of my penis always got cold, and I would get dead skin along the edge of the head. I knew this was a circulation issue but it did not present a major problem so I continued on faithfully. Any advice you would give would certainly be appreciated. Please excuse me if you have addressed this issue already; I have read as many threads on hanging as I could before contacting you. I would love to start hanging again but it became just too painful. Please help. Thank you again for a product that gave me the inch of length so far. Sincerely, Firewood


BIB hasn’t posted here for a cuople of years, contact him at his website.

And share your routine that got you than inch!

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Deglitching the BIB Starter, a Personal Discovery

While I have initiated a thread on this, this information rightfully belongs here, even though Bigger is not an active participant, never-the-less he may read posts on this board- one never knows.

Deglitching the BIB Starter, a Personal Discovery

I finally gained traction (pun intended) with the BIB starter. Like ModestoMan, I have taken the BIB off the shelf more time than I can remember only to induce modest nerve numbness each time, which fortunately recovered. These injures are partly my own physiology and suboptimal technique, not the BIB hanger fault. The start-stop pattern never enabled traction through long term use necessary for gains.

(Since my last thread, I am up to 8” EBP, having low body fat the BPE is w/in ¼” of E.L. At 5’5” 138 lbs I am pleased. ) I started the BIB starter hanger about four months ago, with no injuries.

After reading the thread on the Big Gainer Interview by wadzilla (the interviewee gained from5 to 9 inches by jelquing and stretching obsessively. Also, the Eroset Oil thread was very helpful and allowed enhanced stimulation with some healing effect for more effective jelquing. So I formulated a general model based on jelquing and stretching which was the beginning of my recent progress before initiating this process I had stabilized at around 7.25” BPE give or take, +/- June, 2006. The Erosed oil-jelq-stretch routine was gradually yielding results, the manual stretch I found to personally be a “drag” and postulated that the BIB Starter should once more be attempted.

I dusted it off and started reviewing what may have gone wrong in the past. I found the following:

- Remove the inner gel from the BIB, it tends to have negative implications at least for me, per circulation.

- Cut a strip of medium theraband no less than 2” X 16” (instead of 1.25” X 16” I previously used- not wide enough), Additionally use 2” adhesive ace wrap cutting it into a strip of 2” X 6-7” resulting in double wrap. Increasing the width of the theraband and double wrapping with ace I reasoned created a more stable “platform” to attach the BIB reducing the probability of crimping induced negative circulatory/nerve implications.

- Use a heat lamp, which has more of a hot tub effect in that the qualitative effects of the heat at least to me seemed far superior that fooling with a heating pad, rice sock, etc which is a hassle, The heat lamp warmpth is much more dispersed – again the entire groin area is gently warmed up analogous to sitting in a hot tub- v. optimal! This is hands free heating, just turn the lamp on, position it a safe distance, and you warmed up in 5 minutes and ready to go. I keep it on the entire time, this can be a personal choice.
- Prevent twisting in a SD or BTC position by use of a bunjee cord appropriately positioned on the hanger and draped over left leg ( a photo of this would be helpful).

- I take many nutritional supplements including, Miraforte (Life Extension Foundation product), niacin, argentine, glutamine, Vitamin C.L- ARG,
L-GLU,and Niacin stimulate secretion of GH, as does aerobic exercise. Also vasodilatation is produced by niacin and ARG.

- For older students of PE, a chemical component can be considered (see Patent Pending Chemical PE thread of induction of PE by chemical means per erection enhances such as Viagra, etc.) which should be done under the counsel of your physician and used in smallest effective dose.

Again, I have not had any injuries in four-five months with the BIB starter using the above. I have definitely gained momentum and size (¾” up to 8” since last summer). Continued gains appear promising/open ended at this point. I have said (sing a baseball analogy) that I am not restricted to nine inning games, but play until success is achieved. Don’t give up!


The Alchemy of PE


Sorry if I missed it but have you given details of your routine with the BIB? Weight, time, rest days etc?

Great to see a gnarly old vet still gaining :)

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

Was just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with the BIB, I’m using one at the moment, but haven’t had enough practice to really give any feedback, I will do though when it’s been a while.

Start 6.5 bpel 5.75 eg Current bpel 7.0 eg 6.75 (7.0eg base) Goal bpel 7.25 eg 7.0 mid shaft

Progress routine and pics/vids

Hey bib, I was thinking about purchasing a hanger from you. Are you still selling them? Message me if you can.


aaddaamm, google for ‘bib hanger forum’ and you will find his current forum.

It takes time and devotion.

Found Bibs Site

Anyone know if he’s still selling his hangers? Looking ti purchase one in the near future for post newbie gains

Jan-26-2016 BPEL: 5.5 NBPEL: 5.2 EG: 4.6 (flacid hang 3.7, flaccid girth 4.2) ROUTINE: Cut down Newbie Routine.

Gains Aug 2016: .5 inch in BPEL / 6.0 BPEL (with good EQ), Girth went up .1cm somehow. RESEARCHING PUMPING AND HANGING TO START ASAP, OFF FOR 2 WEEKS

Progress thread purplethumb's progress report and PE record

I bought one from him just last December. I’m pretty sure he is still selling.

Started 11/2014 6" BPEL x 4" MEG (Ballpark #'s)

As of 01/2017 7 1/2" BPEL x 4 7/8" MEG

18 Month Comparison Pic


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