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Bib Hanger at the customs, they will ask what I ordered.


Bib Hanger at the customs, they will ask what I ordered.

Hey guys I got 2 new bib hangers and they are at the customs. Tommorow I am going to get them.

But the guys at the customs will ask me what I ordered and I don’t know what to say.

Give me some suggestions about what to say at the guys at the customs. And if they decide to open the package it will be easily explained.

I can’t say that I bought penis enlargement device because there are also females at the office and the worst case scenario will be if a women is on the desk and she asks me about this.

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Tell them to fuck off and give you the package. But in a much nicer tone of course.

Or just say you are unhappy with your 8 incher and feel you need a 9 incher to fulfill yourself in life and you heard this stuff works.

I have in mind two options device for exercises or balance for hanging weights. But he could ask for what exercisers ? Couldn’t you buy it from our country ? I could say well does it matter ? Or I can say all types muscles groups arms etc. Lol :D

The last time when I bought 2 cylinders for my pump the guy asked me why I bought cylinders are they part for a car? And I lied to him and said that I need them to make my computer with colorful lights etc ahaha he didn’t want to listen more and my version passed.

The shitty thing is I can’t tell them to fuck off ;( If they give me lots of shit and questions I might get angry and tell them what it is and in front of the girls at the office I remember last time they had 2 girls with huge boobs. Damn

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Just say either ‘fitness equipment’ or ‘to treat a medical condition’. You’re not lying, but you’re not saying the truth either…

Happened to me with my Jes Extender. They didn’t ask me any questions, they just wanted their import tax. My form said ‘fitness equipment’.

If it’s a guy; tell him and direct him to Thunder’s.

If it’s a woman; something that belongs in a toolbox.

I’m actually a bit serious with my suggestion. With just the right tone and amount of attitude you can get away with almost anything without loosing face and they will just be left wondering if you were serious.

The women will tell tales of you and the men will go home and Google something with the words bigger/penis in it. And you gotta admit it would be an epic story to share with us here. ;)
(…do it….DO IT!)

LOL okay I will do it. I will tell them fitness equipment. If they start to ask more I will tell them its a device for enlarging my BIG dick. I hope I tell this to a women because if its a guy damn these guys on the customs are huge and give off very weird threatening vibe.

Though I have pretty loud voice so the whole office will hear it :D

I swear I saw the girls there giggling the last time when I got my cylinders, or maybe I am just paranoid. Fuck it I am doing it.

-======Goal BPEL 9.5x6======-

Please keep us updated! :)

Just forgot to say don’t shout it, speak softly and confident, whoever you are talking to will most definitely let the word get around about this big dick guy going for a 9 incher.

People will be people and can’t help but talk about things that are out of the ordinary. Which this definitely is.

Sure I will. Today I went late and it was closed so I am going tomorrow (8-9 hours from now). Before I go out I will check the thread for more suggestions give me your weird suggestions if I like them I will be clowning the guys at the customs office :D

Maybe I can wrap my dick with uncle jim bandage (EG. Ace wrap) So I can have ridiculous bulge haahah. It will be epic the lady/guy is at a desk and my dick on his eye level bulging lol

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Ace wrap is tha bizznak for showing off bulge. ;)

Originally Posted by Vikingwhore
Or just say you are unhappy with your 8 incher and feel you need a 9 incher to fulfill yourself in life and you heard this stuff works.


“Exercise equipment” is what I said to the German customs official. He just nodded his head and asked me to sign.

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Well yeah but not in Bulgaria, here they want us to prove what we ordered with paypal transaction screenshot and exactly tell what I got. And here is the story as I promised
First I would like to thank you to Vikingwhore because because of his suggestion I acted like a man not a pussy.

I am going in ask the lady at the information where I should go to get my package. She tells me office 13.
I go in and what I see 3 ladies. First 2 ugly and one awesome milf with red hair and nice big boobs. I remember her being bitchy the last time I was there, she is sexy.
So she gives me something to sign and tells me to go in office 12. I go in and I see 3 ladies and 1 guy.
The first lady was sexy as fuck tall, long brown hair and slutty face plus customs uniform. The guy is big and fat but as well with uniform. The other lady is again some aunt but she was just giving documents etc.
And the women that was going to ask me questions was around 55 short fatty lady with a smile.
So I am in front of the office and she asks me what I am here for.
ME:A package
SHE:okay come here. Whats your name ?
ME: 7incher
SHE:Someone please give me document for 7incher?
SHE:Please have a sit :
(At the time I had my dick wrapped in ace wrap and bugling through my jeans in front of her desk at her eye level.
The Slutty tall women at the next desk was looking at me and she looked intrigued. Btw: I was talking confidently not loud but not quiet also I was pretty comfortable with my self and I had good bodylanguage.)
ME:Thank you :) And I sat in the chair.
SHE:Sooo lets see what did you ordered..
SHE:Tell me 7incher what you got
ME:Exercise equipment
SHE:What type of exercise equipment?
ME: Well device for hanging weights..
SHE:mmmmm Okay cutey. ( I am tall beautiful and 21 years old, well not that beautiful but )
SHE:Give me your receipt and lets see how much did you paid for this thing..
ME:I gave it to her.
SHE:Hmm 56$ and on the box says it costs $20 and its gift.
ME:Well 56 because of the shiping and why gift (me playing stupid)
ME:Its not a gift I paid for it.
SHE:Ok but tell me what it is.. Or we should have to take a look at it.
ME:okay lets open it.
SHE:Okay come with me.
We left the office and went to the other office where they keep the packages.
SHE:Okay tell me now what did you got?
ME:Its pretty personal..
SHE:personal ?
ME:Ohh okay, its a device for making my ( I point to my bulge) bigger.
SHE: OOOOOOOOOh is that so, okayy. Listen then we are not gonna tell them what you got, but I am very curious about this device I really want to see it.
ME:Okay no problem ;)
We are walking to the room with the packages..
SHE:So its fitness equipment huh ?
ME:Yeah some guys do fitness for their bodies I do fitness for my dick.
So we enter the room and she asked a guy to give her my package.
SHE:Please give me Bigdicks package he got some widgety thing, that I want to see.
The guy:Np everytime for you
So he gives the package and starts to cut it with a box razor.
ME:Give it to me let me cut it. ( He gives it)
I opened the box and got the first hanger up. But it was wrapped with bubbly nylon. The lady is looking at it but she is still curious.
SHE:mmm cut the nylon so I can see it better please ;)
ME:Cutting the nylon and the hanger is exposed. I got it in my hand showed it to her put my finger in the hanger got the hook pulled it :D (giving it full review on how it wokrs)
SHE:Okay wrapp it up its good.
The guy was speechless he had no idea that I holded in my hand the device that could change his life.
ME: So I am ready ?
HE: Yeah, it’s not a bomb so its all good
Then we are back to the main office with the tall brown haired lady.
The old lady that I told about my dick told me that I could give her 5 euro and I can be tax free. So thats what I did.
So we are back at the main office 12.She told me to go to office 13 to sign. And here is what she said in front of all her colleagues. 3 women+ 1 guy. 2 of the women sexy as fuck
SHE:Okay you are good cutey. Now go get your package and start the exercises. And than come back to praise yourself.
ME:Yes of course. :
Bye bye.

That’s it :D It was fucking exciting. I should’ve gotten her number so I can get more Penis equipment in the future without getting shit from the male customs guys. Though the next time I will be telling whoever is there what I am getting.
I will just tell them lets get out of the office for a second and I will just tell him/her
I bet she told all the people in the office about what I got and my dick enlargement, haha I love this shit. I feel like a boss.
Ohh and one more thing when I went out off the building to get to my car. Some lady gave me super strong eye contact and a smile I think she saw the bulge lol, days like this make all me every day hanging worth so much.

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