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Bib Hanger at the customs, they will ask what I ordered.


Hahaha, you are the boss 7incher! :D Glad everything worked out well for you, confidence sure is a good thing. Thanks for for sharing what happened.

Alpha as FUCK. That was a hilarious read, haha!

Haha, ace!

Man you better order something in the mail soon so you have and excuse to go there, get her number and show that beezy your hanging gains :)

Haha that was a sick read. Have a question for you guys to, where did you order your Bib hanger from?

Haha lol thanks guys for the kind words :D @JustALittle

-======Goal BPEL 9.5x6======-

Thank you 7incher I shall have a look, really want a Bib hanger :)

Now, not even I, the biggest lurker on thunders, can shut up. This story is fantastic! Smooth handling!! Great job!

With out communism.. This story would never had been told.

man you’ve more bureaucracy than China. I had many items shipped from the US and never had to go to some office, nor answer any question (I’m in EU). Nice story though, would have been perfect if the lady had got your number and you had laid her.


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