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Bib hanger and wrapping. General info needed

Bib hanger and wrapping. General info needed

I was thinking of purchasing the bib hanger online after I condition my penis in the first 5-6 months.

My main problem is I hate wrapping. I’ve tried hanging before with the Captain’s Wench but the wrapping process was just really irritating. (I tried hanging too early and injured myself but now I’m back to give it another go).

I’m coming here now to ask because I’m in the process of totally revamping my body. I’ve lost 100lbs and have roughly 30 more to go. I’m trying to make myself healthier all around and it won’t be worth it if I don’t have a penis that I feel is good enough. Also I live in a state with bad economy so I’m trying to find a job and once I do I want to know if I should put a little bit aside so that I can buy this hanger.

Last thing is: has anyone ever tried the bib hanger? Does it work, what were your successful gains with it?

First you should be aware that if you do purchase a Bib hanger (or even if you don’t) Bib maintains a forum and is very good about answering questions such as yours. I have used the regular Bib hanger, although if I had it to do over again, I would probably get the Bib starter. That is a question you could ask Bib.

The hanger does work well but it takes many guys a long time to figure out the optimal method for wrapping and how to adjust the hanger. I have gained while hanging but I have also continued manual PE so I can’t conclusively say that hanging was completely responsible for my gains. My impression is that hanging did help accelerate my gains, however.

Hanging is very time-intensive and requires a lot of patience and a willingness to experiment with wrapping and different hanging routines. I wouldn’t buy a hanger unless you have minimally an hour a day to devote to hanging, and an hour and a half would be better still. You also need to monitor your penis carefully while hanging, at least while figuring it out and when changing the routine. Don’t expect to see gains until you have mastered wrapping and have stretched the skin some.

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