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Bib Hanger, 1st Impressions & Q

Bib Hanger, 1st Impressions & Q

I got my Bib Starter two weeks ago . I’m definitely impressed with it and really feel it’s going to help me along the PE path. I’ve been hanging BTC (or almost BTC as I’m sitting up slightly with the chair I’m using) 2 X 20 minutes at 5 to 7.5 lbs with the occasional 3rd set added. Usually, I start with 5 lbs for 10 minutes during the first session, then I add 2.5. The second or third session is with 7.5 lbs.

I’m still tinkering with the settings and wrap but have been getting good grips on the old Tally without causing any pain or numbness. I’ve been careful to keep the hanger anchored above the head and firmly enough so it doesn’t slip down or only minimally so. The hanger does have a tendency to twist if I don’t keep an eye on it which I attribute to a strong lig on the left topside of my penis. Circulation is pretty good though toward the end of the set the head tends to cool which I understand is normal. If I have any quibbles, it’s just one minor one. The gel of the left side of the hanger is a little thin where the grippers are and looks like the hard plastic might wear through it. That hasn’t happened yet though.

My question has to do with so called “fatigue” and that much desired level of lig stress and stretch but without pain that one should try to achieve. I find that I’m feeling a good pull during my hanging sessions, enough so that it creates a mild level of discomfort and some clock watching toward the latter half of each session. And I am sore the next day. Not painful, but I can definitely feel it at the base when I press or pull with my hand.

Am I at about the right place in terms of the proper balance of ligament stress or should I pushing it a little more? I realize that without more information, this question may be hard to answer and that each individual case varies but some advice from hanging vets on this issue would be helpful.


Sounds like you’re doing ok….relax and let it happen….Besides you just got it two weeks ago. Worry about skin stretch, proper fit, adjustments, wrapping, coldness, tightness, numbness, etc. Most suggest a 30 day period to get all the adjustments right. Not to say that you can’t get it under, but most take at least that, or longer.

Don’t expect to crack open the hanger, and a week later have gains….hehe

Hope this helps…Later bro

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You are on track. Avoid the pain and clock watching. Drop the weight if needed. No heroes. You will do as well without any pain or great discomfort and enjoy yourself much more.

If hanging weights distracts you from other activities, then you are probably using too much.


Thanks, BBS and Bib. The last few sets have been more comfortable and I’m still feeling a good pull at 7.5 lbs BTC and will stick with that for awhile.

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