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Bib...Did you ever...

Bib...Did you ever...

Bib, in your early days, did you ever increase the weight and hang for a longer session,
say doubling your previous session times, thinking,
OK, now we’ll get some real gains,
Only to find when you measured afterward (within the next few days)
that you seemed either the same or shorter even?

If you did, what did you attribute it to?


No, I never moved up my number of sets that quick, and usually went up very slowly in weight.

However, I did have times where, after a lot of work, I would get a smaller measurement. I always say, measurements are like the stock market: They go up and down, but the general trend is up.


Thanks Bib,

Day before yesterday, I decided to go up to 13 1/2lbs.
from my usual 5-8lbs.
Did a set for an hour, with less than a 10min. break.
A usual set for me is 15-20min.
I expected to, at the very least, get the same measurements this morning,
mostly thinking it would be more, but instead found it less.

I wonder if too much stress can make the ligs sort of have a rebound effect, where they recoil tightly in attempt to regain lost ground.
If this is true, slow and steady would be the best bet.
Maybe I’ve just measured too soon, while in the healing phase, as I did a very intense jelqing session, right before hanging as well.

I know you and others have advised all along, to increase weight slowly and limit set length time.
Especially when you first start hanging.
Guess this offers real proof as to why one should increase weight very slowly
and limit set length time, at least when your first starting to hang anyways.

Thanks again Bib.

>I wonder if too much stress can make the ligs sort of have a rebound effect

Possibly. It has happened to me. Intense hanging and/or stretching has caused a noticeable temporary reduction in both BPEL and BPFSL. I’ve mostly learned not to fret when it happens.

I don’t know if this is a desirable state to reach. Does it indicate your tissues are overly stressed? Is it a good thing? Or of no consequence? Maybe it is from tensed muscles and not shrinkage of connective tissue. Whatever the case, the “lost” length comes back after easing up or taking a few days off.

Be very careful jumping up that much in weight, especially if you are increasing your set length at the same time. An hour long set is definitely asking for trouble.

Yeah I get a pull back also I also get a poor flaccid size after some heavy duty hanging it last for an hour or two

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


>I expected to, at the very least, get the same measurements this morning, mostly thinking it would be more, but instead found it less.<

Another thought is too avoid measuring too frequently. Drive yourself nuts that way.

Thanks guys, I was very concerned, I think there are probably very few here that aren’t guilty
of the “more = more” thinking that can happen so easily with PE.
Especially when 8” seems so damn close and attainable.
Only 1/2” away.
After what happened, I’m worried it’s going to be a real tough 1/2” to get, maybe 7.5” is my first plateau,
if it is, it is, but I’ll stay positive.

Hobby, those are the same questions I’ve been asking myself.
I think the only way to know for sure, is to go back to my previous routine and set length time.
If gains continue as before, than for me at least, I would have to conclude doing what I did was a big no-no.
As to why, that will always be anyone’s guess I believe.

Cap, though your absolutely right about measuring too frequently, I find I’m a bit compulsive about it.
I usually do two days on, and 2-3 days off, measuring at either the beginning of the third day off or end of it,
but because I had deviated radically from my usual sessions, I decided to take a sneak peak.
It’s probably way too often, but the ruler beckons,
“Use me, here I am, just pick me up, measure, measure, MEASURE…MUHAHAHAHAHAHAA”

I have to master BTC hanging, I noticed my greatest gains after only one session of it.
I usually just hang straight down while standing up.
I had tried before, but each time I try, there seems to be too much skin burning in the supra-pubic area.
I’m convinced it has to do with skin position before I wrap.
If I can figure out the best skin position before wrapping, get that down so there’s at least less burning,
I’ll be alright.
I sit on the edge of the bed, wrap, put on the hanger and then lay down.
The only reason I tried doing it this way is because it seemed to me to fit the definition of BTC,
more than just sitting up.
Do most of you do it in the sitting position?


>Do most of you do it in the sitting position?<

This is a good question. I’m curious about the positions of others hangers.

Right now, I am relativley new to hanging, I mostly sit at the very edge of a chair for 3- 20min sets. I would like to recline more but I get major ball squishing. Sometimes I go OTS just get used to it for the future. Now I’m concentrating on BTC.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.


I kind of get ball squishing when I enter into the BTC position (butt positioned on the edge of the chair and my back is reclined backwards).

Sometimes my balls just seem to get in the way no matter what I do. Even when I try part each testicle to each side and have my dick going down the center of my ball bag my balls can still cause me trouble.

IMO I think it is due manly to me being hung to the left and my dick and testicles getting jammed over each other.

Last couple of hang sessions I have been more successful in getting to the BTC position. I have instead of sitting down immediatley into BTC have instead done a few minutes of SD and actually walked to the bathroom to get a front on view of my dick and weights attached.

It seems that these few minutes of standing seems to help getting my unit and the testicles in the correct alignment to then go to BTC.

Probably sounds like a grog of shit ah! But it is true.

Also if I do SD in front of miirror the bib will never hang completely still. It will twist to the left slightly. I think it is because at the moment I am hung to the left.

Ball squishing is a piss off for me but is it just something else I am learning to deal with.

And BTW when I say I am hung to the left I am meaning my dick normally sits to the lenght. I am diffinitely not hung. Not yet anyway.


It’s interesting that your dick doesn’t straighten out. Maybe with more weight it will. But you’re right about SD’ing for a few minutes before BTCing.

That’s what I do.

I’m still trying to perfect the wrapping. Right now I would pay handsomely anyone that knows how to wrap to come over and wrap me.

Any chicks out there that know how to wrap?

Hey, that would be a money maker. Women PE coaches.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.


In SD position my dick is straight. If I get my right leg to just butt up against the white bead on the upper adjustment bolt I can SD position and my dick is straight.

However if I let the hanger just hang then the dick always twists to the lenght but is not bending if you know what I mean.

I think the twist has been getting smaller and smaller. I shall want and see.

One thing for sure is the bib hanger is getting more and more comfortable and easier for me to use. I have no gains yets but I feel for you with the wrapping problems.

I have had a few issues to date with the wrapping.

What I am expereinicing lately with the wrapping material and technique I am useing is that my first hang is usually spot on. Then when I take the hanger off for my 10 mins break and blood circulation session I can actually see that the wrap has been moved downwards towards the head be the compression and downwards pull of the hanger. The second set is then okay but I find that I have to rewrapp after that 2 set otherwise my wrapping is then up the shit.

One technique I read here and used awhile ago was to sit on my balls under my ass on a seat then move forward. It pulls the skin backwards and can help if thats your issue. Mind you I am not using that technique now but it did help me get better at wrapping in the long term.


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