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I keep trying to email you using the address you give when you click on “contact us” on your website, but the email keeps getting returned.

Any other way to contact you in privy?


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I’m new to forums, how do I do that?

Weird, I tried to email him from AOL several times and it kept getting returned to me, I don’t use hotmail, don’t know if that’s what’s causing it, but it shouldn’t make a difference.

I have his address down as bib, I tried it with a space in the middle of bib and hanger and without, several times each and they both kept getting returned.

Is it just with no bib in front???

Hi EZ, I remember this post where Bib couldn’t send e-mails to AOL addresses. Maybe it has the same effect the other way.

Do you have another e-mail you can send it from?

Yes, I remember that post and another where someone was having same trouble.

Damn, what am I supposed to do?

I want to tell him that I want to order a starter, despite the fact,
that erect measurements indicate a hanger,
a lot of guys here said they prefer the starter and their flaccid specs are bigger then mine.
So I figure that’s the way to go.

The thing is, on his site he doesn’t seem to give you the option of
ordering either one, you have to tell him your erect measurements,
then it seems, he sends you the appropriate one.
According to his guidelines he would be sending me a hanger.

I refuse to say I’m smaller than I am erect, so I can get a starter,
I’ve worked too hard for what I got damnit…lol

So I figured I’d email him and tell him I’d prefer the starter but no luck.

I put the money in paypal a week ago, it’s ready and waiting.

Anyone has any ideas lemme know, I tried PM’ing him, seems he’s not on.

I really would rather not post my email addy in here for understandable reasons, but if you want to give it to him Thunder,
to see if he at least can contact me, feel free.

By the way Thunder, whatever’s left after I order, in the Paypal account, you can have, it’s the least I can do,
considering all I’ve learned here.
Should be like 20 or 30 bucks.

Thank You

Hey EZ Rider,

Both the Paypal and money order forms require that you select the hanger that you want to order. I’m sure Bigger will see this and reply.

His address is with an underscore between bib and hanger. AOL is probably the cause of the email problem though. Do you have any kind of filters enabled on your email account??

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Oh ok, thanks thunder, I was going to ask if anyone knew that if I went any further in the ordering process if the option appeared, thanks a lot :)

Ah ok, good looking out, thanks again.

Can’t wait to start hangin around :)


Missed out on all this. Sorry. But I am glad you got your order in.


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