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Bib attachment help

Bib attachment help

OK, I’m sure this has probably been discussed a bunch before, but I am having trouble bringing anything specifically relevant to my problem up with the search feature. I am having a problem getting my bib clamped on without having my shaft twist, usually to the left. When this happens, the left side of the hanger finds itself sitting on the top left side of my shaft. This is now starting to cause pain, and the pain is sticking around after I get done hanging. I moved the hanger up the shaft and that took away all head swelling that was starting to hurt, but I still have the twisting problem. Here is my attachment procedure:

1. I wrap t-shirt underwrap starting about a half inch behind my circumcision scar around and around, back about 2.5 to 3 inches
2. I wrap theraband starting about 1/4 inch behind the start of the underwrap back to almost the end of the underwrap
3. I pull my penis out straight (I am actually doing this the whole time wrapping, but I stretch it all the way here) and squeeze the blood out of my glans
4. Still squeezing the blood from the head, I center my shaft in the hanger, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch behind the start of the theraband, and squeeze it until the bolt, washer and wingnut slip down into place
5. I screw the hanger shut, still squeezing my head and attempting to hold it straight out, until there is only a slight gap between the bib’s top rubber teeth - it usually seems still straight at this point
6. I reach over and grab my weight (currently 11 pounds) and turn back, put them on the hook and let it down slow until the skids rest on the flat, vertical surface of the dresser I sit on while hanging - this is usually when I notice my shaft is twisted

This has prevented me from serious hanging for the last couple days. I have been using my vac extender a lot instead, but I really need to get hanging again. I am taking today off too, except for maybe a light set or two, as I still feel like my shaft is bruised deep under the skin on the upper left side where the hanger rests when my shaft twists in there.

When I get back to it, I could use some advice from anyone who has had a similar problem.

Thanks for any help.


Either you forgot to write it out or you’re not doing the pulse push while attaching.

After you’ve placed the shaft in the hanger and tightened maybe say 30-50%, you should pull or push the hanger forward and feel the shoulders form while the hanger find it’s “resting place”. Tug some more and feel that it’s stopped sliding, so to speak.

At this point, you can continue tightening, but not all the way.

Attach and release the weights. There should not be any sliding of significance from the hanger, since you took care of that doing the pulse push/pull.

Now you can tight more IF you need to.

I had to go through my wrapping technique again since I had issues hanging 5-6 kg. For me, the wrap was probably not thick enough. I also added strip I cut from an old boxer shorts.

Right now I’m hanging 6,5 kg more comfortably than I ever hung 5 kg and I’m going to try 7 kg on my next set.

The fact that you’re teeth are closed all the way tells me that you’re not wrapping thick enough.

I also had some issues with twistening, but it seemed to go away. Might have to be due to my new wrapping technique.

Hope that helps.

@Renholder - my teeth are not all the way tight, there is a slight gap between them, as in their points have not even crossed yet. I have pulse pulled the hanger out before when I first started as it says in the hanging guide, but I haven’t lately because forming shoulders and gripping internals has never been a problem before. I will start doing that again though. It might help.

@Thunder - I just re-read the hanging guide and the only thing I picked up on that I don’t already do in the correcting twisting section was to have my fingers in this (/\) configuration rather than the ([ ]) configuration. I will try this and see if it helps.

When he describes how the bottom chamber should be on the bottom teeth, is he referring to the corpus spongiosum?

Thanks for the quick replies.


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I just tried it “toe-out” (in the /\ position) and that helped massively! For now, I’m gonna say problem solved.


Anyone else getting fluid build up under the glands on the shaft? Where the skin scrunches up around the glands I get really red and a turtle neck where fluid has built up. This makes it quite painful to carry on hanging. I have adjusted the bottom hex nuts and also loosened the wrap but still get it. I have moved upto to 10lb in weight but want to be able to mange 6 - 8 sets a day without getting a turtle neck. Anyone else had this problem and solved it?

Originally Posted by rootsnatty
…the /\ position…

Yes; also recommend that the /\ position is combined with the < position (your body is to the left and you’re looking down at your BIB).

Also, skip wrapping; super glue some pilates resistance band to the inside surface of your BIB and hang naked…great grip, no slip, easy peasy.

As indication of claimed, a further claim, I meditate with said configuration with 20-80 lbs. attached…have occasionally fallen asleep…it’s that comfortable.

As with most things here, there are posts with photos somewhere for those that like a treasure hunt.


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This suggestion is brilliant , I had thought about doing something similar but had not tried it yet, I’m glad someone had success with it!

If one could skip the wrapping part of hanging with a Bib then he may very well be consistent, especially uncut guys who need to pull a bit of skin backwards while they wrap.

Anybody else used this method?

Can you post a picture of the Pilates bands mod?Thanks

Than you for the pic post. Since reading this article. I started hanging SO and with an IR lamp. And noticed when I clamped I was pushing from 8- 8.25”. This was up from previous 7 7/8-8” in about two weeks.

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