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BIB at al

BIB et al

I just started using my Bib hanger and absolutely love it, I use an IT band compression bandage for a very comfortable wrap.

Here’s what I’ve discovered since I stared back after about a month off: I’ve been following the whole LOT thing and w/ a loss at 7:00 to 6:00 decided to start on my tunica. Now, when I decided to take my extended break which was around a month due to a thrombosis and buying/ moving into a new home, I had just maxed at 17.5 lbs. I started back at the same weight and found that my ligs found this to be a little much, but when I settled into a straight out position taking the stress off the ligs and putting them on the tunica, I felt like I was actually pretty far from being at my max weight.

I was just wondering if others have experienced this. What are all of your ideas/ thoughts on this?


I think overall the tunica is capable of taking more stress than the ligs, as they are larger. I could be wrong.

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I agree with RB. I could always hang more straight out than BTC. The tunica was harder for me to fatigue than the ligs.


More info

After a week or so of experimentation I’m up to 25lbs, 7.5 more lbs than my straight down lig max. And even at this weight I don’t get fatigued until my last (3rd) set about half way through it. Should I try for fatigue in my first set and then drop weight in the following sets w/ tunica work just like lig work? Or add weight when I no longer get fatigue w/in 3 sets? Also, I keep in an extended state after for around 10 hours from foreskin restoration efforts.


Not really being an official hanger, I would suspect that there would be greater stretch potential the quicker one can reach the fatigued state, which for me seems to be the point when the tunica/ligs get tot he point where they are not resisting the stretch. I seem to get my best manual stretching sets if I use greater pressure early to reach this point, past which I don’t require as much tension to feel a good continuing stretch.

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Just out of curiousity when you say hang straight out I suspect you are talking about with the hanger sitting on the edge of the chair and then the weights are hanging over the edge.

If thats the case, you realize that the chair is holding some of the weight for you which is why it would take more weight to get the same workout.

ttiger is quite right, because of the friction loss you would have to use more weight even if the tunica could be fatigued at the same weight.

But the tunica is a lot bigger than ligs, so you will need more weight still.

Damn ligs why cant they be short!


I hang straight out a little differently than Most, I remain in a standing position and bend forward at the waist changing the the angle that my cock is hanging from my torso. My cock takes the full weight this way and I also get to build the endurance of my leg muscles as well.

Still hoping to hear from Bib on this.



I don’t know what else to say about this. I always had to use more weight in the upper angles to reach fatigue. When hanging straight out, I would use more than 50% more weight than in the BTC position.

As others have said, I hung straight out with the weights over the edge of the chair. So I did have weight loss due to friction. This is of course does not matter. You should go by feel and use the amount of weight which brings fatigue. I tried to reach fatigue as quickly as possible and then reduce the weight through the day as needed.

If you are reaching fatigue within three sets, that is not bad at all. Be very careful in trying to reach fatigue quicker. Remember, you are going for controlled damage, not severe damage.


Another way, instead of leaning forward, would be to lie on two/three chairs, thighs on one, torso on others, with the weights hanging down - no friction, although not very pratcial for hands off approach unles you put a book on the floor and read it ;)


Great info, thanx guys.

I just ordered my hanger yesterday and looking forward to the experience. I’ll provide feed back on my trials and tributations.

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