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Best way of hanging, some ideas

Hey guys,

For base girth gain, should I hang left & right over the thigh (targeting tunica) or under the thigh (targeting ligs)?

Meiya777 - have you tried the ‘amazing isometrics’ for girth gains? (I think bird suggested those).

Concerning hanging to the side I think combining both over and under the thigh should work best. And - looking at your stats - if you should have ‘undesired effects’, eg length gains instead of base girth - you would not be sad I guess :) .

Later - ttt

Thanks TTT.

Yeah, I know the “amazing isometric” from Bird2, but I don’t think it is used for increasing certain gain, it’s used to keep the gain potential.

I have baseball bat, it really bothers me. I hope I can have length and base gain from hanging, and I see many people get overall girth gain from hanging too.

Sorry - I re-read that thread by bird2 and you are absolutely right. He didn’t mention girth.

The way I do it is do push all the way down as well as to the sides; I do believe it helps base girth gains if done that way but I have no proof whatsoever - I will see in 6 months or a year.

Later - ttt

Pushing all the way down? You mean pointing to the floor at high erection? Not for me, it will hurt.

Do you push to the sides while your dick is pointing upward or parralell to the floor or pointing downward?

Meiya - I am 49 - if you are young you may not be able to go all the way down - as always_ pe should not hurt.

To the sides while parallel to the floor.

And with a kegel 20 seconds at the end of each bend.

Later - ttt

I don’t think age is relevant to where the dick is pointing, am not young at 38 myself, and pointing upward when erect, so it will kinda hurt if I push down poiting the floor.

Thanks for your explanation, I’ll give it a try too.

Yes - age influences the so called ‘erection angle’ - search for it if you like - in this forum ore google it. There is plenty of evidence. Anyhow - pain is always a message of your body: careful - risk of injury. Avoid pain - this will avoid injury 90% of the time. Don’t do the exercises exactly as written - adapt to your dick. You are not a newbie anymore - you don’t have to follow religiously what has been written.

Keep it cool and easy and ..

Keep your glans up.

Later - ttt

It's been a year

I just read all 17 pages of this thread in attempt to find the best way to wrap while using the Vacu-Hanger. The last post was in Jan 07 and I was wondering if anyone found a good way to wrap to avoid blisters and fluid build up. The methods I recall reading about in this thread include…

  • Various Taping
  • HTW and Self adhesive ACE bandages
  • Fingers from gloves

Since it’s been almost a year since the last post I would think someone has identified a near perfect solution by now. Please let me know if you have a good solution.

I haven’t tried Vacu-Hanging yet but I will be starting in a week and want to be prepared. One member I consulted suggested a HTW and a piece of bicycle tire inner tube. But suggestion was for use while wearing a BIB. Do you think it would help with a Vacu-Hanger. Again, any suggestions from experienced hangers is welcome.



I have been using the HTW which I put on and unroll it over my penis head. Once HTW is set, I use Coban tape and start from underneath the circumcision line and wrap up in an X fashion while squeezing the blood out of the head. It has worked for me, but also try to hang in 15 min intervals to avoid the fluid build up.

How tight should the tape be?

Play around with the length and the tightness of the wrap. The one I use is about 16 inches long. If the wrap is too tight my penis head became a little too cold after 15min and too loose it had the potential to slip off. Try somewhere in the middle, but don’t make it too tight.

So does anyone use the constriction sleeves that come from Monkeybar?


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