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Best way of hanging, some ideas

No problem ttt. Just remember it take some time to get used to putting the gloves finger on. Make sure you wash the finger off in hot water and stretch it out a bit before. This helps some. You do not want to make it too pliable because it then looses its function. I find it the easiest to put on while erect. I used clamping to help me out with this.

hey ticktickticker thanks

I have been using your system… it works sometimes…

for me no progress.. on 15p 2 times a day for 30minutes…

tell me since you started PE what is your progress? any photos?


Ofirdavid123 - you can check my progress report in the pe-statistics. I think about half of my gains are from ads and half from hanging.

Btw - according to the great bib if I remember correctly you should hang at least 9 hours a week, so 2x30 minutes could be too little, I hang 3x30 minutes whenever I hang.

Progress btw is not very steady but there may be weeks without or very little or much better gains. Therefore, after initial enthusiasm, I don’t measure very often anymore. No reason to get nervous if there is no progress during some time. I prefer not to know. I want to go for 8x6 nbpel x eg, I know that I have some time to go and I will get there. I don’t care when exactly.

Later - ttt

ThunderSS - why are you referring to the guidelines? I’m sorry, I didn’t notice what went wrong.

Later - ttt

Yes, I don’t understand, please dear ThunderSS what was the problem? refresher?

thank you

Originally Posted by ofirdavid123

Yes, I don’t understand, please dear ThunderSS what was the problem? Refresher?

Thank you

Excessive use of the .. , Ellipses I think.

Oh I see. Sorry.

I am wondering whether the application of ice could be useful to cement gains after hanging (I heat it up with an infrared lamp during hanging sessions).


Later - ttt

MagnumXL (or XLMagnum?) claimed that was the case (see Shivers Benefits of heat in PE-thread) but when I asked for backup for the theory/claims in another thread (sciencific backup) he didn’t offer any.

regards, mgus

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When ice is used on muscles it helps shrink inflammation, I don’t know if shrinking anything when doing PE would actually be a good idea. We want tissues to heal and recover in an extended, larger state, not shriveled and shrunken.

When we train the muscles, the inflammatory response is part of what makes them grow. I know the penis isn’t like muscle training, but it is still part of the body and most of the body works the same way. Personally, I wouldn’t try it.


I don’t think that you got the point. When the ice is applied while the traction is still on, then the ice does not result in shrinkage. The idea is rather that the cold freezes the structures in the elongated state.

Not sure if it works though :)

Later - ttt


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