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Best way of hanging, some ideas

UhOh - that sound like a great wrapping technique - I will give it a try, thanks.

Later - ttt

Originally Posted by UhOh

I use a scrunci head wrap which covers my penis head and I roll it down my penis. Next I take co flex tape and start wrapping below my galns and work my way up in an X fashion covering my head, I then work my way back down and i’m done. The scrunci head wrap insures that you are not making direct contact with the co flex tape and it much better for your skin cause it keeps everything in place. Try it out has been working for me so far.

So, there’s nothing stuck directly to your skin? Do you find that this works for heavy weights? How high have you gone?

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What do you think of this hanging idea?- once your dick already gets a good stretch,say 10+minutes at whatever weight, give your penis a nice LS stretch/tug for about 20+ seconds with the hanger still attached.

I do that all the time (although I’m not sure what an “LS” stretch/tug is).

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well the thing is I just started to hang with the vacu-hanger, and I am currently at a solid 8 pounds for 30 min. The scrunci allows it so nothing touches your head and it also keeps your skin tight which helps not forming blisters. It is very comfortable, do not use to much co-flex tape in the wrapping. And make sure you wrap below the glans before you wrap the head which helps it from slipping. I use about a 25inch piece of co-flex. Try it out let me know how it is.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan

I do that all the time (although I’m not sure what an “LS” stretch/tug is).

LS stretch is something called the Long Shlong stretch. It is from . They suggest a bunch of manual excersises there, but I have found some of them tireing-I.e: LS stretch.

Hanging staight down.

I was wondering if I can get gains if I only hang straight down? Sometimes I lay face down on top of two objects, with enough space below to hang, and let it hang that way. But for the most part, I mostly hang straight down while sitting in front of my computer or the TV. Do you guys find it necessary to hang the other ways to see your gains? Or can you just do it straight down like I am doing? I have yet to figure out how to hang the other ways.

First measurement 11/01
BPEL top=5.75, BPEL side=6.25, FL=3.75,EG=5.5
BPEL=7.5-8,EG=6, FL=5

Yss.. - As long as you make gains with sd hanging go for it. If you hit a point where progress slows down your lig-reserve is probably at it’s end and you might consider tunica stretching (any angle, up, down, both sides) will be helpful.

Currently, I am alternating angles every two weeks or so to avoid tunica and lig strengthening which both might occur if you are switching angles too often.

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Yss.. - The ls stretch is an excellent suggestion - I will try that, too. Since the exercise is practised by modestoman as well - this can’t be wrong :)

Later - ttt

Ttt-is your pic a vacuhanger? If it is, how can I get one? Or do I have to make it myself?


You mean his avatar? I see an apple on the top of a cadle stick..:-k

oh, nevermind,lol. I thought I saw that pic on alot of people’s avatar that talked about the vacuhanger. My bad.

The pic is a painting of the flick-galerie.

It shows a man with a giant dick ghanging over his feet. He is wearing an apple instead of a hat. Modern art .. :)

Later - ttt

Aahhh, I can see his dick at the bottom of the plate, but I can’t see that it is attached to his body..

It’s attached at the body in the middle of the reddish vertical thing.

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