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Best post-hanging, anti-turtling products?

Best post-hanging, anti-turtling products?

So I’ve just ordered a Bib Starter and it’s on its way. Can anyone recommend a good anti-turtling product to use after hanging sessions? From multiple searches I’ve gathered that it’s best to keep your flaccid penis extended while it heals from hanging. I’ve come across Stealth Innerwear and the AutoXsleeve. Can any experienced hangers chime in on what anti-turtling products have worked best for them, best practices, etc.?

Many thanks :)

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By what I know there isn’t the slightest proof that anti-turtle devices help with gains so I would advice to save your money.

For post-pumping anti-turtle device, I wrap my unit with a piece of spandex cloth.
The spandex size is about 6” x 18” . My NBP stretched flaccid length is about 6.5” so the wrap keeps me at full flaccid length.
I just snugly wrap the spandex around my stretched flaccid and tape it around each end with scotch tape.
It creates a flexible tube and keeps me stretched without constricting or obstructing circulation. I can wear it all day or all night while sleeping.
In loose pants it is un-noticable.

I’m convinced it has helped, since when I started using this method my first spandex strip was 1/2” less in width, and I had to make a wider one because the first one was getting too small.

I hang using a 4” wide strip of saran wrap fixed with yellow vinyl electrical tape.

I leave it on between sets, and its good all day.

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Why not use a PE routine that doesn’t cause turtling, at all, EVER? That would be the 3-Step Penis Workout (for example), which has given me gains in 6 months equal to what I achieved in the previous 16 years. I’m not allowed to post a link to my site here (nothing for sale OBTW), and good luck Googling it (I am, apparently, internet-inept). However, on G+, I’m Tom Hubbard PE.

You achieved less than 0.55cm gains in 16 years? That’s not what your previously posted stats say. I understand you feel the need to promote your routine but posting in unrelated threads is a bit weird.

>I’m not allowed to post a link to my site here (nothing for sale OBTW)<

What I said was

Originally Posted by memento
Hi Tom,

I split your post of this thread. I will discuss it with the other moderators but I’m a little worried that it has the look of many spam posts that we remove. You’re in kind of a strange position because up until now you were given a pass on a lot of the rules governing spamming because your site was hosted here.

If you could bear with us while we come to grips with the new situation that would be really useful.


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Thank you all for your responses. It seems many of you get anti-turtling help from things you have lying around at home. I may go that route. I ordered a Theraband with my Bib, so maybe I can use that. I’ll see how others chime in as well.

marinera - I think more than anything else I want the peace of mind of knowing I’m doing everything possible to help me maximize gains. Given the anecdotal evidence, as long as it doesn’t hinder gains, I’d wear it “just in case,” if you will.

On and off since 2007

Started (October 2007) at: 5.5 BPEL x 4.75 EG

Last Did PE (March 2012) at: 6.00 BPEL x 5 EG

Sometimes I just keep my wrap after my Hanging session…I have read it on the Blink’s 2000 hanging guide that was an advise from Bib! Or you can use an ADS for 1 or 2hrs…now I use the ADS! I have the ADS with a silicone cup strap on the leg from ebay. I keep it for 2hrs after my Hanging session

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The Xleeve works great for keeping the penis elongated and stretched without compromsing a blood flow (an issue with most ADS). I can’t say if it works or not though.

Personally, I think it is worth using an ADS if you’re hanging. I’m sure it may smooth out the gain process.

That said, I never really got any turtling from hanging.

Originally Posted by memento
You achieved less than 0.55cm gains in 16 years? That’s not what your previously posted stats say.

Good point, and interesting—I’m see I’m repeating what I reported in 2010 (which I had completely forgotten): 7.5” EL and 6” flaccid.

Meanwhile, in mid-2013 I was aspiring to a BPFSL of 7.5” (the mark on the AFB), so apparently those gains did not stick when I lost interest in PE in the time between. So I’ll shut up and post a pic when I get to 8”. :D

I just got a stealth innnerwear thing.. Its a joke as an ADS, and is a bit of an endeavor to get on, but as far as something to wear to bed to keep your dick long after a day of hanging, I’m impressed.

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