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Best hangers to stop slippage

Best hangers to stop slippage

Hi, I’ve been trying to get started with hanging but am having very little success. I’ve built my own captains wench, choker and bought a vacextender. The extender has given me 3 big blisters on the glans over the past 6 months so thats a no go. The wench and choker seem to just stretch the skin. However tight the wrap and (I use a strip of marigold gloves) both seem to slip down so I’m only stretching the skin. I’ve started considering a noose hanger as at least that isn’t even touching the skin so can’t slip. Any advice would be appreciated.


Vacuum hanging works wonders for me.

Thanks for your replies, I’ve tried the swimcap, it still slips off however much I wash it, I’m trying to hang 10lbs. I’ve done this with ease before though it seems that was mainly skin stretch. I’ve also tried using the sleeves from my vacextender with clamp on and even though I stopped the slipping using a clamp behind the head the sleeve broke within 20 minutes. Also the head went cold fairly quick. The shops over here that I’ve tried only sell pipe insulation big enough for a 22mm pipe, I’m 1.5inches across flaccid so the insulation doesnt go around very far and pinches when I tighten it so second option is also out. I’ve been trying to stay away from noose types because of warnings etc but not sure what else to try. Thanks again


Tried Bib-hanger? AFB hanger? They are easy to build - make a search and you will get all instructions wiht photos.

Loop-style hangers are effective and doesn’t slips, but most of vets think they are dangerous; don’t try it with more than 0.5 lbs at first; they are really dicomforting (euphemism) also.

Afb is basically a choker and tried homemade bib, still only stretches the skin. Best so far is choker but very uncomfortable. Will have to stick with it though. Thanks for the replies.


What sort of wrap are you using? I’ve found that, even with Bib’s bib, a good wrap is essential to stop slipping.

Also, if you’re breaking sleeves on a vac, you could try doubling them up. I can’t find the thread (it’s somewhere in Member Pics) but I remember a guy putting the vac on a with one half of a sleeve, and then rolling the other half over that. He claimed it let him hang more.

Then: 6.75" x 5" ----> Now: 8.5" x 5.75"


A chickenchoker is similar to an AFB hanger but the latter you can tighten enough to prevent slippage.

The vacu-hanger sounds good but I’ve been using a vacextender and so far I’ve had 3 blisters on the glans, as it is now I still have a slight discolouration where the last one burst over a month ago. Has anyone had blisters like this and then tried a vacu-hanger. Just wanted to know if there’s less chance of a blister with hanger.


Buy a bib hanger, works good.



I use a product called pro wrap. It is an athletic wrap used under tape to stop the tape from sticking to your skin and hair. Its soft foamlike wrap almost transparent. Wrap it nice and tight. I get my wife toowrap it while I stretch the head out as far as I can and pull the skin back tight towards my body, Then she wraps all the way down my shaft nice and tight. You should be able to get the wrap at the drugstore, you can in Canada anyway, I use it for wrapping athletes injuries and to support ankles and knees in football players so I always have a supply around.

Hey man, it takes practice. I see that you joined in 2002 and that you have tried just about everything under the sun. First, congratulations on keeping on the horse!

I think you should focus on the method that has worked best so far and perfect it. Let me explain.

Myself, being limited to my location, I could never find tools to make what I wanted to. It forced me to “make work” what I had. It took me just a hair bit more tight of a wrap to not work and a hair to loose wrap to not work. Once I got so good at wrapping that it was like tying my shoe laces that I was able to see the subtle difference between too tight and too loose. Now pile on to that wrap materials, hanger settings, different weight amounts, set times, blood pressure in the glands- there is a lot of study involved in finding “just right”. Focus on one method, take one problem at a time, find what does not work and fix it. And always turn to your brothers for help and advice. Good luck.

Some guys lift weights, I hang 'em!

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