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Best hanger to purchase??????


Best hanger to purchase??????

hey, i’ve been pumping and jelqing for around 6 months, with gains of around .5 of an inch in length, not much girth…ive just recently decided to start a hanging regiment…i don’t have time to make a hanger, but wanted to know which was the best to purchase? Bib Hanger? Ready Stretcher? any other suggestions….price is not as much a concern as is results, durability, and comfort…thanks for your help!!!

I’m ready to order any of them, I say get a bib.

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Hmmmmm. Very strange. Everyone has had the Tyler Durden avatar for the last day, and suddenly TylerD, a guy that has been a member for more than 3 years makes his first post. :faint:

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Without time to make a hanger how are you gunna find time to start a hanging regimen.

i wanted to just purchase one, thats why i am seeking recommendations

Originally Posted by TylerD
i wanted to just purchase one, thats why i am seeking recommendations

Thank you for clearing that up


If money isn’t a problem, I would recomend a bib, there are a few other “commercial” hangers which had good reviews but I never owned one. Homebrew hangers could possibly be worth while also.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I like the Redi Strecher alot, it is built tank tough, and is also very simple to quickly remove incase of emergency. But i cannot comment on any of the other products. I would if i were you do some reading around for reviews of other hangers, you could try the search tool. This is what i did, and it lead me towards the Redi Stretcher.

Thanks TPS

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I used the Redi Stretcher and did like it, but I think we may be about to go through a mini revoultion in terms of hangers with the newer suction based grips replacing the clamp styles. I don’t know of any that are made and sold by members, but they are available commercially. Personally I would wait till someone here designs and sells them as they usually make the best PE equipment.

Redi-Stetcher. :thumbs:

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I would have to say just make the wench. Get the supplies online even, and just put it together yourself. Cheap and easy.

Get the bib

The Max-VAC is being sold at and I think this is what you refer to as the suction grip. I have never used one—I am quite happy with my BiB Starter, but you should check these two out for sure.

Get the Bib, and depending on your size, maybe the starter bib.

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