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Best hanger to purchase??????


Originally Posted by Touchmeifucan
Would the Bib be the best for heavier hanging? Appears like these Vac hangers are only good for around 20lbs max.


Originally Posted by b-7974
what about the vacuhanger or the vac extender? anyone here try these? if so what did you think?

Lots of people here tried those, search, specifically in the review forum, lots of opinions there.

Cripes, just make a Wench.

If you’ve enough got time to hang, you’ve got time to make a Wench…


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Bib hanger is for both uncircumcised or circumcised?

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Okay, so everyone says the Bib. Question- Isn’t the pull on the Bib more concentrated on the ligs and the upper shaft? I have a MB vac hanger and the pull is from the glans, using the whole penis depending on angle. I realize that to move up in weight, I’ll need a Bib starter, I just don’t see how it attacks the tunica.

Responses from experienced Bib users welcomed.

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I small bib hits the ligs and tunica the bigger one is mostly a ligs hanger. The wench is a good hanger for hitting both. I haven’t used a vacuum hanger yet but I can’t imagine most people use enough weight to hit the ligs at all. I super set between a homemade stretcher and my bib starter extreme hitting my dick at both the ligs and tunica. I guess if I had a vacuum hanger I could use it like a stretcher but for now I will stick with the stretcher to avoid blisters.

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