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Best Hanger/Girth workout?

Best Hanger/Girth workout?

I have been doing PE for about 3 months now with manual stretching, jelquing, and recently some squeezes. I have gained about .6” lenght and about .2” girth. I just ordered the Bib hanger and should be getting it very soon. I was curious how I would factor in a hanger session, which will prob be 15-20 min hang time, with 10 min rest…total of an hour hang, 5 days a week. When should I do the squeeze/jelq for some girth….right after hanging? later on in the day? I really don’t have much time to spend like 2 hours a day on PEing, but I can make time to do stuff. I was just curious if anyone had any suggestions. Also, do you guys use actual weights to hang with or just house hold products that you can find at home? If so, what equals 5lbs, 10lbs….etc? Thanks…

Hey There Cool,

As a former jelqer and stretcher, I would recommend that you take a hiatus from jelqing if you are looking for good length gains from hanging. Many guys believe that a thinner penis will lengthen better by hanging since there is less tissue to stretch. For example: Goingdeep has gained almost 2 inches in six months by concentrating mostly on hanging. His girth is less than 4.5 inches. However, it is almost assured that when he gets to his length goal, a combination of Uli’s, horse squeezes and jelqing will increase his girth. I agree with his plan. I made some big girth gains from jelqing and it may have slowed me down a little from better length gains from hanging. BTW - I use a combination of 10, 5 & 2.5 plates with the small holes. I took a 5” eye bolt and put the eye end in a vise to squeeze it down a little to fit through the plate holes. I then put on a large washer and screwed a nut on underneath it. I put a small washer underneath the nut and then another nut under that washer. When I tightened the bottom nut, it tightend firm against the washer and upper nut. The larger washer that I put on first then comes down and rests on top of the smaller washer to form a ledge on which the weight plates sit. I attach the hook on the Bib hanger directly to the eye in the eye bolt. It works great.

Happy hangin


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Eyebolts -nice!

Now i have something i can do with the eyebolts i bought (wasted money on) for a different pe experiment which didn’t work out!

Thanks Jelqtoid!

See Ya,


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