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Best angles for base girth


Hey guys!

I thought I would bump this thread after making an interesting observation today.

Although I’m not due to “officially” measure for another couple of weeks, I’ve seemed to have gained an additional 0.25” in base girth with no increase in length.

Mid shaft girth is also static. I posted somewhere that 1 of the reasons I was going to hang was to correct the beginnings of a base ball bat shaped dick. Man, that was easy!

Has anyone else ever noticed this phenomenon?

Dear bib, please help us.

Half a month and still no reply eh? Wheres BIGGER IS BETTER when you need him?

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I replied to this question in another thread where it was brought up. My answer was and is, I have no idea.

I am not even sure if any hanging angle will make any difference. It might be already predetermined by inner shaft girth.

Probably my biggest base girth gains came from BTC hanging. But I don’t think the angle had anything to do with it. But I am not sure.


It might be already predetermined by inner shaft girth.

I think that’s the ticket. Hanging BTC lowers LOT and and exposes more of the thicker “inner” shaft that was held closer to the pubic bone. This action also exposes more of the CS, which seems to be much thicker the closer to the body you get.

Can’t recall the exact term, bulbous or something (where’s Westla when you need him :) ), but the lower end of the CS gets really swollen with blood in a quality erection. The more of this brought into play, the thicker the base girth reading will be.

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Thats makes perfect sense to me except for one thing. As I posted previously, I have gained base girth (about 1/4 inch) WITHOUT any increase in length. This is due to hanging only. I have not done any manual exercises at all since I started hanging.


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