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Begginer hanging

Begginer hanging

Never done hanging. It seems to be a world unto itself. Could anyone tell me what the absolute easiest and fastest way to begin is? I.e. Can you just buy a whole rig? What weight to start out with? How the hell do you do it? What’s the reccomended amount of time to start? Etc.etc.etc. Appreciate it!

You can purchase a hanger or build one. What is your budget and are you handy with building things with your hands?

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

I like the captns wench myself. I made one fairly easily and it works great. Been almost three months that I’ve been using it now.

You need to read and read and read on hanging before you start. You will find any answer you might have right here on this forum. I spent about a month reading before I ever started. While you are learning you can do stretches and this will help when you start hanging.

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