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Base girth

Base girth

Does base girth from hanging come more or less quickly that girth from traditional girth exercises? I know everyone is different but what are everyone’s experiences regarding this?

This could very well be in my head, but I have been hanging for just slightly over a week, and I notice some slight base girth gains. I didn’t measure the base to compare but I will be doing so now.

Wangchun, check out the thread regarding inner penis girth. It has some good info regarding your question. Happy gaining dude!

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Philadelph, I just wish I could see the same, whether it was in my head or not.

I don’t know whether base girth comes faster or slower than manual PE exercises, but what I do know is that I got about 1/4 inch increase in base girth in only a few weeks. I’m hanging using the wench, with 5 pounds, SD, 2-3 sets of 20 min, 5 on 2 off.

That was with NO increase in erect length.

I don’t think that I’ve gained any more base girth since however.

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