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Bad to worst

Bad to worst

Unfortunately my hanging last and then this week seems to be going from bad to worst.

Me latest issue is the sensitivity of my dick. Like today for instance. I applied my rice sock for ten minutes had a few minutes rest, wrapped (same material but a new roll) and went to applied the bib and in the tightening process my dick just starts to go erect.

I took the bib off, waited, my dick goes back to normal, so I try again but the same thing happens again. My dick was out of control. It’s as if the bib trapped the blood in the shaft, however I had squeezed my head and done my usual thing no different from any other times.

So I tried to pull the top off. Still no good.

My mentor advised me there would be times when I just wouldn’t get it right. But I can’t understand why when I start to tighten up its bang, engorgement.

Has anyone ever experienced this? My head didn’t engorge, it was my shaft between my base and hanger.
What is going on?

ON days like that I have had to unwrap, go masturbate wait a little while and then, try it all again. That has worked for me in the past. Maybe an idea?

When you masturbate do you go all the way or just kinda tease yourself?

Would you not lose motivation if you went to far?

ALso it was weird. The shaft between base and back of hanger just engorged so much. I have had it happen before but not like this. It was like the hanger trapped blood in there.

I tried to masturbate but I got carried away. Down went my motivation so I just gave the session up. Maybe I did a kinda of ULI thing. Stuff me I don’t know for sure what a Uli thing is. I’ll go looking and find out.

BTW I had some great sessions in my 3months todate but today was just a complete piss off.

Thanks for the response


Two things. First, you might try skipping the hot wrap and see if you can get the hanger on properly without it. Then once it’s on, you can still apply heat to your target area. That’s what I do. For some reason, if I try applying heat before wrapping and attaching, I almost always end up with some engorgement.

Second, you may find attaching becomes easier if you make a distinction between a regular, everyday, walking around kind of flaccid and totally flaccid. The closer you get to totally flaccid before wrapping and attaching, the easier the whole process tends to be. Before you wrap, stretch you unit all the way out. Wrap your entire hand around it, particularly over the attachment area. Squeeze. You’ll notice your normal flaccid level decrease. Repeat the squeezes until your totally flaccid. Then wrap and attach the hanger.

I hope that helps.


Gentle Mr Justin,

I kind of had the same problem, except I wouldn’t go fully erect. I think the problem was that I knew I COULDN’T get an erection and would be so worried about it that I would get an erection. I don’t know how to explain that any better, just sometimes your body does what you don’t want it to do when you know you can’t. Anyway, to fix this I just put the hanger on part way, then did a hot wrap, then tightened it, the did another hot wrap, then I did some hanging. I just used to sock with weights in it to hang about 2 minutes ago and it took about 5 seconds to tie to my penis. I had no erection problems at all because it was so fast to put on.

Your explanations of your erections doesn’t really help me but thanks anyway.

You have jogged my memory about a few things such as squeezing the attachment area before attaching.
Also total flacid and normal flacid are meaning abit more to me lately after having not given hanging a decent time allocation last week and the previous one.
I will get back into it in the next day or two.


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