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Back to Work!

Back to Work!

Whew! Its good to be back hanging. After a forced
summer layoff due to kids out of school, its back to

Lots of changes here, but still a great place.

Summary - after two+ years (?) of hanging (no summers)
I have gained about 1.375 inch to yeild ~7.375. All
due to Bib’s hangers.

I didn’t believe this stuff would work at the
beginning and thus did not get an accurate beginning
length. On a good day I can now tap something in the
wife - and she likes it! occasionally get an ow! too
much! if I start too aggressive.

I ended work this spring trying to hang about 17
pounds, but was having difficulty with head pressure.
I’m restarting at about 8 pounds - hopefully the 3+
layoff has allowed the ligs to “soften” and I’ll get
some gains before having to get back up to 17 pounds

Interesting note - I haven’t lost more than an 1/8
inch over the summer.

Good luck bro, I also took the summer off for bruising so I guess we will be both be testing the break and gain theory

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