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Back to the Karamojong

Back to the Karamojong

I would like to once again raise the issue of the Karamojong, who have been dealt with in several earlier threads. I think it is important because they may be the best proof that PE works. Many commercial PE sites talk about them, but it is very hard to come up with any real facts. In late July or August of 1983, my wife and I were watching a regular TV channel here near Los Angeles. It was pretty late. Suddenly on the screen was a British team of anthropologists with a group of Karamojong in the nude. The size of their units was shocking. Length was somewhere in the 15” range . But I am guessing as no rulers were applied. Most of them hung down to their knees. The program explained that they stretched as a sign of their manhood and that it began with puberty and ended in 6-8 years. The boy would lie face down on a raised platform with a hole in the right place. A stone wt (looked like about 20 lbs) was tied by a cord near the coronal ridge. the stones had a hole in the center. They did say that injuries were common but were overcome with a few days off. Then the program ended. It was just a few minutes and we sat there stunned. Unfortunately we did not have the presence of mind to record it.

I thus became interested in PE but at that time I did not have the Internet. I spent about 7-10 years doing what I could—jelqs, kegels, pumping. I found some helpful books and finally the Internet. I bought a stretching device, and have over 1300 hrs of hanging time. I started with 6 lbs then went to 8, 10, 12, and finally have been hanging steadily at 20 lbs for the last 300 hours. I have always just worked on length. Even the pumping is in a tight tube which pulls the shaft straight out, but does allow the head to expand.

Results: I’m no Karamojong warrior. I’ve gained about 3/4” in length. The surprising thing is that I have seen an increase of about 1” in girth.

Meanwhile I pursued research on the Karamojong. Here is what I found. They are a tribe of maybe 6 sub-groups who live in NE Uganda and some in the Sudan. They are fierce nomads who steal cattle and even until today cause problems with their neighbors (they kill them and steal their cattle). In 1961 Idi Amin shut them down with brutal repression and they lost much of their culture. I think this includes the PE.

It is very hard to do any research on them without being an academic. One has to belong to all of these libraries and academic services to really get the material and that takes money. For example, right now I am looking for Stacy, Tom; “Tribe: The Hidden History of the Mountains of the Moon”, published privately in the UK, and also Knighton Ben, “The Vitality of the Karamojong”, published by Ashgate in the UK.

In the entire index of the Journal of Uganda there is not one article on PE of the Karamojong. I believe that the topic is not found in the literature because virtually all of the anthropologic work done in Uganda was done by British gentlemen and it is a subject that simply would not be discussed.

Also, I have discovered that the video that I watched was catalogued by BFI in the UK. Their website is // It is the largest video library in the UK. Entrance is by subscription. Is there someone in the UK who subscribes to their service who could check this? The video would be of the greatest encouragement to all at Thunder’s.

My conclusion: PE really worked for the Karamojong because I saw the video. I think that there must be some ligament and tissue stretching element which acts as a potentiator that keeps us from having the same results. For us, stretching is like banging our head against a wall (I mean the one between our ears). I would guess that there is some herb or substance that they ingested to actuate the actual stretching, much as hoodia is used today to depress appetite. I would also guess that they discovered it by accident. I would like to discover it on purpose. If there ever was a holy grail, this is it.

Interesting thread. I can’t help you, but will keep a keen eye on how this evolves.


They begin at puberty, this could be relevant.

I wonder what age we are talking about here. How did they know when to begin?
First sign of peach fuzz or was it later than that?

I’ve always thought it would make sense to begin as soon as the body starts to have an increase in testosterone.

Note that in that position they were hanging straight out with the penis at a 90 degree angle to the body. Also interesting is their method of attachment, basically tied around the head and with what you say you considered to be 20 lbs. no inching up for them, just 20 lbs. noose style.

You would think the injuries would have swayed them to start lower and increase over time, a very natural logic, but note…it did not.

There may have been a reason for this.

Perhaps it was tried and abandoned long ago for lack of gains.

How long did the youth have to stay on the platform?

I’m afraid we are just going to have to go and ask the Karamojong ourselves.
Tell your wife we will back in a few weeks.

Here’s the plan, we go there, purchase two of the finest head of cattle we can find and offer it to them in exchange for their PE knowledge.

First they will have to exhibit the unit’s are functional.

I have to go brush up on my Karamojong, I suggest you do the same.

Yes, I love all of your suggestions and I am surprised that someone hasn’t really gone there and tried to get this knowledge from the old men. Their units must have been functional or they would all have died out. It just must be hard to have sex with all of that air between you and your partner.

Yes, 18” is just a wee too much.

And yes it is hard to fathom civilized men seeing this and knowing of it and not investigating it to death.
I think there is a conspiracy to hide this knowledge from the masses.

Note how everything about them leans towards them being all but extinct.

They took the knowledge from them then scattered them.

I can see the Brits now.

“Karamawho???” “I have no bloody idea what your on about mate.”
“Hey Joey, blokes want to know about natives hung to their knees.”

Joey, fumbling with his trouser snake trying to hide his huge appendage.

“Men hung to their knees you say eh?”
“I’m sure that’s just a rumor, a legend, people make that sort of stuff up for tourists.”
“Wouldn’t believe a bloody word of it.”

very interesting thread; I hang with a noose-style device (see marinera’s hanger thread), and, man: it’s really painful (I image Karamojong boys) screaming and crying vets also said me it’ s really dangerous - have you had injuries?

3/4” in length in 1500 hours is not so bad, and 1” in girth is a lot.

If somebody could find some other things on this argument, it were great.

Here is the only picture I could find when searching:

Start: October 1, 2007: BPFL 15.2 cm, EG 5 inches

Current: October 16, 2007: BPFL 15.5 cm, EG 5 inches

Goal: NBPEL: 12 inches, EG 8 inches

Bike2swim, what angle did you hang at?

There’s a possibility that the SO style of hanging used by these tribesmen could affect their gains massively.

beenthere - Gains in relation to age

See my post number #35 for the latest breakdown of the poll. Notice that the youngest age group has by far the highest percentage of easy gains, and 18 -19 is an age in which natural penis growth has almost, if not completely, halted. It may very well be that by not PEing when I was in my early teens I missed my only chance at being huge.

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I’d like to know more of the social anthropology behind this.

Since such penis size would presumably be too large to be very useful or functional, how do they have sex?

Does unnatural penis size serve as a form of birth and population control?


That video you saw sounds very interesting. I would love to see it. Still no news on anywhere that has it?

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