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Sparky - Thank you for clearing that up - I think that one should be isolated (bumped?), by a mod, in a seperate thread, at the TOP of the hangers forum. I think it would clear up a LOT of the bad advice people are giving, that dickbuilder and myself were pointing to.

I think your PI theories are what inspire people to give this advice when it comes to hanging, but little do they know the difference when it comes to what hanging is actually doing to the tissues.. (can you tell I’m not a scientist?) versus what other excercises (like jelqing) are doing.

Again someone should put sparky’s post in big bold letters on the top of the hangers forum. Neon letters. And please do quote him as the author of the PI theory.

I hope this will open some doors to understanding.. and more gains for the hangers!


Done! PIs and hanging