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Back for the first time

Originally Posted by BusterHymes
No problem.

If I were limited by time, I’d try to make a split session routine with 2 sets AM, 2 in PM. That might not work at all given your situation. That would require making sure that fatigue was being achieved rather quickly. Then wearing the ADS sometime between each session for a bit.

And if that routine were possible, maybe 1 OTL set followed by 1 BTC set. Then in the PM set, do the other leg and a BTC.

Otherwise (assuming 1 session of 3 sets), I’d just alternate the OTL (1 left, 1 right) and then BTC. For me, I’d prefer to always balance any type of OTL work simply to keep the penis growing in a balanced fashion and not favoring (or gimping) one side over the other.

Keep it rolling!

Thanks a lot Buster. It’s all about tenacity for me. I meant to tell you I’m using a vacuum, so I don’t have to stop. Therefore, during the set, I switch legs. I have to start getting up earlier, that’s what I’ve never had luck with. A pt job or school has always been the problem. I should be able to do an am session now, until September, when school starts.

I hear you on that. After the next few months pass for me, which are pretty irregular, it will be back to an early rise for me. That will mean time to dig out the dedication a bit more.

Originally Posted by BusterHymes

I hear you on that. After the next few months pass for me, which are pretty irregular, it will be back to an early rise for me. That will mean time to dig out the dedication a bit more.

Good luck man, it’s a work in progress.

Wow, I can’t believe I’m on week 11 now. I’m still only doing 1 hr a day, except during the weekend. Sometimes my measurements are 4 5/8 BPFSL and 7 11/16 BPEL. I guess I’m slowly trying to make gains, but it’s going to get harder to squeeze in time when I start school. I also lucked up and found a face heatpad. I needed a smaller heatpad, because the free space that’s exposed is small.

Won’t stop til’ I make the washing machine splish splosh.

My BPFSL is actually 5 - 5 1/16” after I’m finish hanging. I wonder if once I’ve reached 6” BPFSL, would that be a good PI? I’m pretty sure it is, I’ve just never experienced a real BPFSL until I got this vachanger.

I didn’t do any hanging today, but I saw some “johnny belts” on the Hardwear cockring site. They’re small belts for your penis. I had an idea were I could attach these to an extender, for better grip. As well as a vacuum extender, for staying power.

Originally Posted by kickinthemebs
Cool, good luck. I am sure you will like vachanging, it is a lot of fun and quite easy to get in the hours. Read the threads on hanging in the stickies and you should be groovy ;)

Hello fellow Leprachon ;-)

where wold one order such things ??

Well today I mostly used my extender as I did stuff around the house. I wore my vacuum hanger for 2 sets also. It seems like I’m starting to try to gain. Here comes week 3. Hopefully I can get this small hot cold face pack, so I can have something that fits me while doing BTC.

Well it’s been a month since I’ve updated my progress report. It’s only been two weeks though since I’ve hanged. I’m doing a set right now, and it feels good to hang again. I hope I can adjust to my school schedule starting soon. It seems like that unplanned decon break helped out.

I plan on getting a good split session in today. My session right now is feeling really good. Glad I’m getting right back into hanging now, because I start school next week. So my schedule is about to get hectic. I can’t wait to get these Johnny belts for my extender, so I can really make it live up to its name. I haven’t extended pass 7” since I got it.

Got an hour in tonight, whew I’m tired. I’m really gonna have to get those johnny belts.

Man, it’s been a while but I’m back at it. Getting a second session in tonight .

Got in this extender today at 8:30, at work now trying to ride it out. The only bad thing about extenders is bathroom moments.

So back in my extender today, after doing 30 minutes (should’ve been an hour ) of hanging this morning, and I did an hour last night. Hopefully I can maintain this routine until the end of the year. Hanging and extenders go so well together, like penis pumps and ball and scrotum pumps did back in the day. I hope I can gain at least .5” again soon. I miss it when my girl said, ” you looking pretty long today”.

Won’t stop, til’ I make the washing machine splish splosh.

Just got finished about an hour ago w/a good maybe 30 minutes pump session. Before then, I wore my extender for 4 hours yesterday, after my 30 minutes of hanging.


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