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Back after 4 months

Back after 4 months

Well, I am back to thunders after a 4 month hiatus. What have I missed, guys and gals?

I would like those of you that care (hi Cap!) that my diabetes has gotten worse and that even though my blood sugar and cholesterol is out of control, my erections are still hard as rocks, thanks to Bib and Cap for their devices!

Anyway, I am still a mailman and currently my stats are

7 3/4 BPEL
6 7/8 EG

Make me feel welcome guys, this 30 year old diabetic mailman needs a pick me up.


You’ve got awesome girth!


Welcome back Iwant10inches :)

In the book The China Study, it talks about an experiment by a James Anderson. MD. He put 25 type 1 diabetics and 25 type 2 diabetics on a 3 week diet consisting of whole plant foods (high fiber, low fat).

At the end of 3 weeks the type 1 diabetics were able to reduce their insulin medication by an average of 40%. Their blood sugar profiles improved dramatically, and their cholesterol levels dropped by 30%.

24 of the 25 type 2 diabetics were able to discontinue their insulin medication.

Wow, you’ve got humongous girth!


Originally Posted by Iwant10inches
Well, I am back to thunders after a 4 month hiatus. What have I missed, guys and gals?

SSDD: Same shit, different day

Just remember, you are a newbie again, so take it easy.

Thanks for the info B. Interesting study. My blood sugar right now fluctuates between 120 and 230 daily. No insulin yet, just pills and dieting.

Hi, GP. Well, I guess that I would be considered a “newbie” if I had stopped peing all these 4 months, but I haven’t.

By the way, I am now up to (against Bib’s advice) 2300 jelqs a day (about 2 1/2 hours).

Bet you thought all your mailman did was deliver mail during the day, huh?


2300 jelqs a day? OMG !!!! No wonder the mail takes forever to arrive.

What was your starting girth?

Wow, isn’t it really hard to maintain a constant % of erection? I mean it’s hard enough to figure a measurement of how hard the penis is. :D I manage to get it to 80% or so then it drops down after a few jelqs to somewhere about 40-50 and I have to stop and re stimulate myself to the desired hardness. Weird since being a young guy(21), I should’nt have trouble with maintaining a constant amount of blood there, but I either get really hard or not so hard, It’s hard to try and keep it in between.

Do you do frequent stops in your jelqing session? I mean time to readjust yourself and pacing? Is that equated to your total time? BTW nice results, I plan to get there too, although that’s too much girth, I do hope to get close to 8” length but 6” only in girth.

Welcome back Iwant10inches. Did you ever post any pics of that girth of yours? Sorry to hear about your diabetes. You’ve prolly missed a few people being banned or leaving. RegularWhiteGuy, HorseHung, ummmm those are the only big names I can recall at this time. Oh and Crashhex finally went thru with the AlloDerm surgery and posted some post surgery pics.

BEFORE 5.75 EL 4.8 EG Vagina Length Database

NOW 32yrs old 8.5 BPSL 7.75 BPEL 5.5-5.75-6.25* upper/mid/base EG 5.0 BPFL glans tip 5.0 FG shaft Hang, Stretch, Jelq, Pump, Clamp

Goal 8.0 EL 6.0 EG Asian - Thai 5' 10" uncircumcised

Sorry, Siam. Still don’t have the computer equipment to post picks, but I am hoping to have some time to buy the necessary things, but as long as the mail has to be delivered, I am going to have to continue to work 10 - 12 hour days.

Peter Dick (love the name, by the way):
Starting girth was about 5 7/8. Same as starting length.

Only take maybe 2 to 3 minutes in between sets because of the time involved in jelqing itself. When I first started doing PE, I would do 7 sets of 100, against the advice of BIB. I would hang for about 2 hours a day, only at night. If you want to maintain your erection percentage, I try to put some kind of porn in front of me, and occasionally during my sets rub the glans a bit at the end of each stroke. Believe me, it helps to maintain your semi-erections.

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