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Auto Extender vesion 4

Auto Extender vesion 4

Has anyone ordered the Auto Extender vesion 4 yet? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Is it more comfortable, better etc…


As far as I know, he has made only one major revision to the AutoEXT, and he made it back in May or June.

The AutoADS hasn’t been released yet. The only product he currently sells is the AutoEXT, I believe. (And the AutoEXT head for those who already own a Penimaster or something comparable.)

Actually, the current version is the 4th generation. There were two other major revision before the last one. I have this thing about trying to make things better and after a while, usually come up with something that needs changing. Good for my PE, but really bad for business as its not cheap to modify anything. Everytime I change something - I basically have to throw out thousands of dollars worth of old molds.

Just to give you a taste of my madness, you guys know that I’m finalizing the AutoADS design. During the prototyping phase - I literally had to make about 15 different models. Once I find the one I like, I have to make about 50 different molds to test out all the intricacy - like moving something forward by 1mm, or shifting something to right by 2 mm, etc. Each change requires new mold. Believe it or not, moving something by 1 or 2 mm makes tremendous difference in comfort and gripping power. Once prototype is finished - I have to make 10 or more changes - so that its easy to make in a production environment without affecting the usability. Now multiply this by 10 or so - of other designs that I worked on before giving up (ones that looked great on paper, but sucked on reality). I’m doing this while going to work, do the family thing and PE. My life sucks.

any time tables??? I am excited about trying one for my post-op physiotherapy

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