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Attacting weights to BH...

Attacting weights to BH...

As I waite for my BH to arrive I began to wonder how to attach the weight plates. After a couple of suggestions were made I mearly wrapped a wire coat hanger through the hole and made a loop. This should make adding or dropping weight very easy. Here is a pic to show what I mean. Hope it helps:

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Very Neat

Excellent job! I use string for my weights and it can be a real pain at times. :mad: These look far easier to manage. Good luck with your BH!


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You do not have to have the extra loop to attach the weights. Just pass the wire throught the hole and around and twist it tight.

You might find the weights hit the floor with that much extra wire.


Bib, thanks, I will adjust as necessary. Coat hanger wires are FREE and plentiful and easy to adapt.

lil1, glad the idea was helpful. I intend to keep the board posted on my progress.

Here’s an option for securing and attaching the weight to the hanger hook.

I’ve been using this setup since I started and I really like the feel.

It’s a leather belt that I used to secure my lowest training weight; which right now is 17.5#

During my typical session I will add or subtract weight ( 25# down to 17.5#) by just unhooking from the belt and sliding a plate on or off as needed.

You can setup the min. weight depending on your conditioning.

With the belt I have several belt loops to choose from each giving me a slightly different feel .

Also the weights hang mostly paralell to the floor which helps avoid hanging to low.

It’s very durable and should be good for a long time.

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I’m not sure it the picture from the last post came out here’s another one.

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I just use old shoestrings. I tie them in a granny knot just loose enough to accomodate the S hook. Granted, I am currently only hanging 10 lbs with only 2 5lb weights, each with the shoestring, but they not only hold, but I can also untie them.

I have made changes to the wire attachments. These changes make it very easy to add and drop weight at any time. By using a combination of a 10# plate, a 5# plate and 2.5# plate I can easily go from 5 to 7.5 to 10 to 12.5 to 15 to 17.5 pounds.

Sometimes I have started at 7.5 and within a couple minutes been able to go to 10lbs, then I can handle 12.5 for a few minutes and may need to drop back. This keeps me near my max and HOPEFULLY making the quickest gains I can safely.

The pictures are on this and the next 3 replies.

This first picture is the 10# plate with a modified wire that allows attaching the weight so as to give maximum ground clearance.

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This is a side view of the previous 10# plate showing the wire loop below the top edge of the plate for “ground” clearance.

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This picture shows how the 5# weight attaches with the 10 pound.

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Final picture. The 10, 5 and 2.5 all attached to the BH hook.

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Alternative to weights--Use a "Spring balance"

Instead of using weights, I use a spring balance pulling against a fixed hook—or various hooks at different heights screwed into a solid wall, the floor etc etc.

I have some balustrading made of horizontal pipe at three differnet heights which works fine. Currently using the highest level of the balustrading and I’m on my knees begging for mercy— or reading a book on the edge of the bed, or kneeling to get different angles

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So does the spring briing a better pull or hang to the experience. Aren’t you afraid that it will rip it off by the root? LOL! Never heard of the Spring technique before. Very Interesting!

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