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Are we out of our minds?


Are we out of our minds?


I was sitting in my office at work yesterday with pants off, free balling through my briefs, and hanging 7.5 lbs from my dick off the end of my desk chair. The door was locked, and I had moved a copy machine in front to block it “just in case.”

Am I out of my fucking mind?? What if I got caught???? I work for myself, but still !!!

Do you ever get used to this?

Do you ever stop worrying about getting busted?

Do you ever get the point where you can settle down and have good concentration, while hanging at work?

I always do my PE at work. I take an hour lunch break and go in one of the lockable toilet stalls with hot cups of water and do my jelqs. It’s a little crazy, but I can’t do it at home because my wife bursts in whether the door is locked or not and won’t let me hear the end of it. Damn her.

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Sounds like you and your wife need to have a talk about respecting boundaries. Not to high-jack my own thread, but do you think it’s possible she sees PE as part of your strategy for exiting the marriage?

Lol Modesto, I practically *want* to get caught sometimes. I’ve even thought about what I’d say to whoever found out.

It’s not illegal, you can do what you like! I would not like to be caught by anyone who I have a professional relationship with though.

Having said that, I’d rather it was private forever.

It’s funny you brought this subject up. I was thinking about setting up a poll on this.

Yeah Man, I am insane also. I jelq in the mens room at work, have been getting up 20 minutes earlier in the morning, recently, so I can get a pump session in, and start my shower with the tube on.

Last night I was in the basement (I have weights down there for working out) “hanging”, while there was a party of teenagers upstairs.

We are definitely out of our minds. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs Man!

cead mile failte :lep:

Your all nuts :D This stuff makes us all do crazy shit. It was so nice not peing this summer last summer I was a hermit hanging for hours a day.

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Yes, we are out of our minds! I would say pulling and hanging stuff from our woody would make us look to be a little crazy to the general public. Be careful out there.

There is a line in one of my favorite movies of all time… “PI” whereby the main character is accused by his mentor of insanity and the guy replies by saying something like:

Its either insanity or its pure genius!!! :-k

I think one of the things that separates creative men from your average “run of the mill” guy is the ability to be diligent and resourceful (even if its only in secret), experiment and don’t be so judgemental, i.e., stay open to new ideas.
If many of us didnt have at least some degree of flexibility in our minds then many of us would probably not be here.

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Good one Super

Who can beat the bravery of ModestoMan? Interesting!

Is that it SS? Flexibility of mind? That makes sense. It’s certainly part of the creative process. I guess I think of the people here as pioneers. :D

I almost left at intermission then decided to stay for the rest of the show. Guess I was afraid I’d miss something. If (or when) I leave Thunder’s, I don’t plan to ever stop jerkin’ my gerkin.

I think PE also has a lot to do with controlling our own penile destiny. For so long, I thought my dick had a mind of its own. But now that I know I can create a bigger, stronger, healthier tool, why on earth would I not continue?

Is this insanity? I think not. However, I will admit that I somewhat of a nut!! :chuckle:


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Glad I am not the only one! :)

I have questioned myself many times for some of the “stall” stretches and other PE stuff in public (work, home, or out).

I sometimes think “what the heck am I doing?”

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It’s not illegal per se but it also depends on how the person who catches you interprets the situation, especially when it happens in an office or a public place. 99% would probably laugh but there is always 1% I am scared of. I would rather do it not as frequent but in a place where I can relax. my 2c.

I used to try to be quiet and hurry with the velcro (modified a Captn”s wench design into a home-made Penis Master (PM)) in the mens room, now I dont care, and take my time.

The odd thing about the PM contraption, self adhesive wrap, golf weights and Captn’s wench, I leave it with my socks, out in the open, and it’s never been questioned, yet I am constantly questioned on the long bathroom stays.

I used to be weary of the “pants lump” with the PM at work, it looks like a goiter growing down there, but I just untuck the shirt a bit, and actually walk down for a coffee that way.

We are out of our minds, but what the heck, you only live once.

cead mile failte :lep:

And don’t forget that judge who recently got caught vacuum pumping while presiding at court. I feel that I’m sometimes almost that far gone. This summer I’ve PE’d so much I haven’t been outside enough to get a sun tan. Before reading this thread, I thought it was a form of depression that kept me in so much, ignoring the real fact that I’m PEing to the extreme. Actually, I don’t give a fuck if my dick continues to grow at the rate it’s going (fairly slow, but steady). I love this place!!

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